Thursday, 30 June 2011


We did this shoot around a month and a half ago now. The girls, Jenn Coyle and Lyndsey Pagan needed models for product shots that are going to be used on their online shop. The Hair & Make Up Artist was Jak Morgan who I had never worked with before but now someone I would swear by!  The other model was Lauren Strattan who I had directed before in the INAA press shoot. Hair and Make Up commenced then we shot for a total of 11 hours or something ridiculous. I was actually really sick this day so when Jenn and Lyndsey hadn't sent me the photos I thought, shit I must have really messed this one up and they're just going to re-shoot because I looked so Ill. But thankfully Jak managed to make me look well, definitely better than I felt. So with lots of coffee's being made throughout the shoot ran on until about 1am in the morning. Baring in mind we started at 1pm. LONG DAY! Especially when you have a bunch of perfectionist and a grouchy ill model. But I MAN'D UP (a saying I love and use ALL the time, but also a saying the Obscure Couture girls have had made into knuckle dusters! This is when I knew it truly was MEANT TO BE) The photographer was a guy called Liam Dickson, a close friend of the designers and someone I had never worked with before, the humour was flowing throughout the day and night which kept everyone going, with professionalism BOOMING we got the job done. And here is just a snippet of what we achieved...

WELL DONE, to everyone involved. Seriously for mandatory boring product shots I think we managed to keep the coolness that completely ooses out of these girls and there designs.

For anyone that knows the Obscure Couture girls they are really in a league of their own, I really do mean that. I hate being soppy but sometimes its completely necessary. Working in an industry like Fashion, it's said and known for there to be complete plonkers working through out. I have been quite lucky in dodging working with such people bar a few,  but when the people you are working for are simply FABULOUS through and through It really makes life so much sweeter. Being around such positive hard-working personalities it makes you push that little harder than you usually would.

Lyndsey & Jenn wearing Obscure Couture @ The Scottish Fashion Awards 

The girls were up for Young Scottish Designer of the Year at the Scottish Fashion Awards, where they were, I believe to be completely ROBBED. This shows what kind of level they are on! Its a total compliment in itself to be nominated anyway and it was definitely deserved. Although, still should have won (bitter fan!) 

Whats next for these two? WORLD DOMINATION? Girls you got my vote. Keep doing what your doing as you are both a total breath of fresh air. & when I say fresh I definitely mean smoke filled, with some orange hair, padlock ears beautiful-ness LOVE IT.

Peace, Love & Obscure Couture

Can I Just Say - WOW

If I could take a leaf of of ANYONE'S book..
Beyonce It Would Be YOURS.

A True Inspiration
LEGEND of Our Time

Peace Love & WOWing

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Winner Winner

Chicken Dinner
But we'll come back to that!

I had an utterly TERRIBLE SLEEP last night and whilst working today, out of no where the WORST toothache I have ever experienced, it just suddenly appeared in my mouth. Its horrific! Hot things, Cold things and even when I open my mouth to gasp some air. ACHE! This shooting pain right through my mouth. I'm in agony! Needs lot's of sympathy hugs people. Even if its cyber hugs! 

So after finding there are NO pain killers anywhere in Joanne's house (now if you aren't an avid reader (why not!?!) Joanne is my boss and I am house/cat sitting whilst she suns herself in Mexico! I couldn't believe it. So after I battled through work all day moaning and groaning MYSELF with absaloutely NO response from anyone as I was in fact all on my lonesome. It was time to man up, get up and go to Morrison's I would love to tell you all that I man'd up fully. But I completely did not. Getting a taxi to a shop that is literary a 10 min walk. LAZY SHIT some may say? NO - WRONG I was in PAIN. I was also at the supermarket as I had promised a certain unnamed someone that I would cook them dinner. Chicken stuffed with mozzarella, red pesto & basil wrapped in parma ham served with mash potatoes. HIDDEN TALENT ALERT. Yes I am a good cook even if I do say so myself! I had forgotten how much I love cooking, I moved out into my own flat age 16, yes I do things young. So its part of the parcel to learn how to fend for yourself. So running about like a nutter (nothing new there) trying to find all my ingredients and pain killers, apparently I did loose my mind and forget to get pain killers, definitely the main reason I was there. So only half way home I turned round and revisited the only moments before left behind shop. Surprisingly when I got home I hadn't forgotten anything, but managed to pick up soluble pain killers. YUCK-BOKE-MINGING.

I did manage to get through the drinking of the chalk tasting concoction and was pain free for a little while. Dinner was preped, quick shower and re fresh. DONE. Served up a storm and it was smiles all round.

Tomorrow night I have a meeting with Mark the Creative Director of Harris Tweed to discuss some cool projects, and apart from that I will be in the INAA office or at the dentist.

But for now, Its Time for Dessert

Peace Love & Spooning

Rag & Bone - One of my Ultimate Brands
As Rachel Zoe would say, BA-NA-NA'S
Autumn Winter 2010


Tuesday, 28 June 2011


After an AH-MAZING sleep, I got up early this morning & went for a run!  Staying at my boss's means there is a cute little park across the road, the sun was shining so thought WHAT THE HELL. I'm not much of a runner but you've got to beat the best to be the best and there's no way I'm beating anyone if I don't stay in shape! 


So after Beyonce and all the rest of the DIVA's of my Ipod got me through my run, quick shower and straight to the computer for another day of oiling the INAA wheels. - NO INTERNET CONNECTION? What? "Please contact Talk Talk." So I did, only to find Gerry my boss's FiancĂ©e had forgotten to set up a direct debit for Talk Talk. GREAT, so after paying the bill the kind man on the phone informs me that it can take 48hrs for the phone and internet to be re connected?  NIGHT MARE. So I phone the other 'BIG BOSS' to let her know I would not be online until further notice. What to do now? I decided to clean, and clean is what I did, for 4hours! Yes. The house is completely spotless. Its a bad day when you get the 'fear' tidying someone else's house. Normally I would imagine you would have a total spring in your step as your doing a good deed? Well not when you have an anal boss like mine, I once vacuumed her whole house only to be thanked and the vacuum taken off of me so she could do it properly? I never knew there was a specific way to vacuum? Did you? Well I have watched and learned the pro in action and can safely say its up to Jo's standards. FEW!

So after a few phone calls to Talk Talk telling them 'WE ARE AN ONLINE COMPANY, THAT MEANS WE NEED THE INTERNET' they finally turned it back on! Myself & Ruthanne had a meeting in Moria Jane's in Pollocksheilds where I scoffed a chilli bowl and a large Americano then headed back to the computer to make up for lost time. 

But for the rest of the night, CHILL OUT TIME. I now have a few shoots booked in for the rest of the week so time to get inspired! Push it more and do it better than ever, it's all about improvement.

Now the photos below are for a Magazine called TANTRUM. How appropriate right? Photographer Kirstin Kerr is one of the best in Glasgow, using a film camera 'As it's more forgiving' she is an over looked talent. Her photographs have a certain softness, she has her own style and totally stands out amongst the Wannabe's. Doubling up as stylist along side Magazine editor Nav Gill on the day this was the end result and more!

Nina Saleem MAC pro did the hair & Make Up in a little cafe called GO SLOW on Victoria Road. The owner was this lovely chilled out woman who just took it as part of a norm that a full team of pro's were at the front door of her shop looking for a place to prep. WHOEVER YOU ARE, YOUR A GEM!

Have a look at Kirstin's Work on Flickr
A read at TANTRUM Magazine here

Now That's Quite Enough For One Day
Peace Love & Pastels. 


Monday, 27 June 2011

Imitation Is The Sincerest Form of Flattery

Today, like every Monday, It's all about INAA. This week is very much all about the necessary essential stuff that keeps the wheels of INAA turning! I will not bore your with all the marketing and advertising gobbledygoogle! 

So after a long day at the office, I packed my bags and in fact moved into the big boss's house. Yes, I am house/catsitting. Who would have thought? Me?

I'm just finished conversing with Gary Wilson the designer I worked with last week through emails, after we launched the pictures and video from last week he has had loads of emails from models asking to work with him. But true to form and man of his word, Gary has told them all where to get to as I AM HIS GURLL. & He knows I have plenty of personalities to keep him entertained and amused. Modelling is a hard one, because essentially you want to be a muse, a creator and trend setter. But once you find your own style and create and 'brand' if you like, its hard to not get frustrated when people swan along and copy it? But that's really what the aim is? DOUBLE HEAD MESSImitation is the sincerest form of flattery - WRONG. I really don't agree, BUT am having to start to accept that its all part of the game. 

"An original artist is unable to copy. So he has only to copy in order to be original." Jean Cocteau 

I have to take it as a compliment and make sure I am always on top, recreating myself and in fact being inspiring. LET'S KEEP IT INTERESTING. Totally off topic but has complete relevance Reese Witherspoon said at the MTV Movie Awards, "I just want to say to all the girls out there, I know it's cool to be bad, I get it, But it's also possible to make it in Hollywood without a reality show! When I came up in this business, If you had a sex tape, you were embarrassed and you hid it under your bed. And if you take naked pictures of yourself on your cell phone, you hide your face!! Its possible to make it, and be a good girl. I'm going to try and make it 'cool'" NOW. Not for one second am I trying to say I am a good girl. But Girls. If you want to be a model, in the fashion industry KEEP YOUR CLOTHES ON. I see SO many of these 'up and coming' models 'trying to break into the industry' that think they are fashion models, but all there pictures they are half naked. Anyone can be sexy. Modelling is about VERSATILITY. You can be sexy, quirky, boyish, commercial WHATEVER. You need to be able to fit the bill for whatever the client wants. In my opinion anyone can be sexy, it just depends on taste and preference. But being a good model takes more than showing a bit of flesh. And believe me, MORE is LESS in this situation. MORE CLOTHES LESS MAKE UP, FAKE TAN AND FAKE EYELASHES = SEXY. Believe me. Save it for the dance floor not shoots. 


Peace, Love & Acceptance


Sunday, 26 June 2011

Chill Out Sunday

Push the couches together. Make a bed, don't move all day. Watch movie after movie &
 CHILL THE HELL OUT. Eat rubbish food until your about to explode and then Fall asleep.

If Carlsberg did Sundays...

Peace & Lot's of Lovin'

Saturday, 25 June 2011

If Your In Pain, It's a Good Shot

The title of this could be perceived as both meanings of SHOT!

Birthday is over until next year and I'm partied out! I went out for dinner, then to a place called hummingbird for drinks, then onto dance the night away in kushion with some of my favourites. All that's left to say is that it's not just my feet that hurt this morning!

Kushion - No Photos!

Kushion - Myself & The Beautiful Katy


Above are just a few pictures that have appeared from last night thanks to Katy but I've still to upload all of mine so will show you when I have the courage to face them!

Below is the another part of a Shoot I did in Australia that has been finally published in VERVE so I can finally show you all!!

Magazine: VERVE
Location: Australia
Photographer: Aaron Wayne McPolin
Hair: Simone Lee
Make Up: Ady Grader
Styling: Lauren Boyle
Nail Technician: Amanda Mcpolin

I loved the dress that the designer Lauren designed herself! The necklace looks AMAZING - but, it was the sorest thing ever. The edges were so sharp that they were literary cutting into me, but that's part of the parcel. I always say you know you've got a good shot if your in PAIN!

I Need My Bed.
I have a HOT Birthday Date Tonight

Peace, Love & Dancing Shoes

Friday, 24 June 2011


Good morning Beauties, Today the sun is shining & IT'S MY BIRTHDAY! Haven't been excited up until now. I am working all morning but have the afternoon off (Thanks Jo) where the plan is Lunch with Ben then Shopping with Steffani! The real celebrations are tonight! I have the penthouse in Hummingbird for pre drinks then Kushion for a Bn'G (bump&grind) later on!

One of the good things about divorced parents is separate celebrations! So last night my Dad came up from down south and we drank champaign and had Oysters then I introduced him to Jager Bombs! Happy Hangover Dad! He also bought me a beautiful MacBook Air so THANK YOU, I Laavv It! Full update tomorrow, let you know how tonight goes. I hope you all have a wonderful day

Thanks Dad x

Birthday Card from Australia. Know me TOO Well