Thursday, 7 April 2011

Feelin' Fabulous

Sleep is my new tool to feeling Fabulous, Today I feel rested, settled, Focused and Energized. After my 1hr workout last night, I slept like a baby and woke at 6.45am. Which enabled me to workout before I walts into my Boss Joanne's house this morning at 8.45am. I think its a 1st. We had a morning meeting with green tea and note pads. The future is bright and busy for INAA lot's of work to be getting my teeth stuck into! from the INAA Hair and Beauty Awards to Being the main sponsor of Miss Scotland 2011, boom boom boom. Its all go. I've been working all day at Ruthanne's (Joanne's Mum) house in Paisley plotting our way with words towards a certain neighbor...To Be Continued

After much false hope and promises, Joanne not only my boss and support system is turned into the 3 time wonder woman and is now tripling up as my Driving Instructor. Will let you know how we get on Tomorrow, Let's hope we survive the pressure

After my driving lesson I may or may not go for a run, Undecided.
Apart from that have lot's of work to be getting on with and Planning world domination one shoot at a time. All to information will be revealed soon enough

Peace Love & Home Made Learner Plates

One of My Favorites.

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