Wednesday, 28 December 2011


For any of you that don't know P.O.A Is Plan of Action! My plans are confirmed!

Saturday morning I make my way to London, followed by catching the Eurostar to PARIS for New Year, Back to London for a few days, then to Glasgow for my 1st Shoot of the Year with Obscure Couture for their Diffusion Range's Look-book, Then I have a test with Andrew R. Moore on the 6th before I go back to Paris for another long weekend! BOOM Then right back into work and shoots. My 1st 2 weekends of the year spent in my favourite city in the world (so far) I'm such a lucky girl. 

Write Again Tonight

Peace Love & Paris


Tuesday, 27 December 2011


I don't know if i'm high on life or sugar, it seems more realistic to be the later as I have consumed an insane amount of sugary goods followed by carbalicious savoury treats with that pattern being CONTINUOUSLY repeated! LOVE CHRISTMAS But all good things MUST come to an end, and my BINGE on junk but OH SO delicious food has come to an end for another year, No more food coma's for La!

I have some really exciting news about my New Year but all lips are sealed until I have confirmation! POST TOMORROW

I ALWAYS watch movies in bed, and since the purchase of my beautiful macbook air I have actually been legally downloading EVERYTHING, I guess I feel guilty not anymore PLUS I don't think people realise just HOW clever Apple really are, not only have they managed to design a beautiful looking laptop that fits in my handbag, THERE is also no disk drive! So the option of watching your DVD's in your laptop like a normal human being is in fact not an option SO I have double copies of my favourites on this and on disk. CLEVER CLEVER APPLE.

Tonights purchase was found in the Romance section (as all action this Christmas has been non existent, NO Mistletoe Kissing, No too many mauled wine mistakes! Guys it's getting reciduclous I NEED SOME ROMANCE! either that or I need to stop watching Rom Com's and filling my head with Unrealistic & Unachievable Prince Charming type Male's who are going to sweep me off my little feet?) The movie CLOSER? Great cast and story line, and The opening song is already pulling at my heart strings) 

GET INVOLVED, What a Beautiful Song - L O V E

We can only hope I hold it together and manage to control the tears & manage NOT to create puddles on my pillows



Peace Love & 2012



Murphy Andrew & Lauren Andrew Boxing Day 2011

Sunday, 25 December 2011




I brought in Christmas with the ladies and gents at my 'local' THE SHED! Eeee MUCHOS FUN was had by ALL! Kind of a Christmas traddition that I LOVE & also the first year i've been and actually been legal as I was down under last year. OH SHIEET

La & Santa seriously got it on this year, no coal in sight, just lots of lovely goodies, smellies & gadgets. After some serious unwrapping/ripping open the beautifully wrapped presents to the point paper cuts were almost involved, I sat down to a freaking 5 course meal with My Mum's side of the FAM. I know every house is different, but we have rules and regulations. Even on Christmas!! Everyone must be present to open the presents? Excuse the pun. Games MUST be played by all and Mum MUST insist on filling your glass full of bubbly every two-seconds. Resulting in a very giggly, hiccuping afternoon followed by a boozy nap, then up for round two. I am somewhere in the almost stopped giggling and hiccuping point nearly ready for my nap!! I think I will have a bubble bath filled with all my molton brown goodies, so i'm smelling FRESH for bed ALONE.. How depressing? No, i've decided being single at Christmas is something i'm going to EMBRACE and when it comes to sale shopping, treat myself to a gift. A Christmas gift for myself from myself? Something of the Mulberry variety maybe? WHAT?!?! I've been good this year! Nonetheless Christmas is about family and spending it together, Kind of sad as I come from a broken home A.K.A Mother & Father are divorced, which means Christmas never really feels complete! BUT on the up side, means Christmas with the Andrew's Part 2 is still to come... TOMORROW! Every cloud has a silver lining. 

Hope Santa was Good to You All
& I'm Thinking to everyone spending Christmas Alone


Tuesday, 20 December 2011


So today was another gym time FAIL. I didn't even rise from the dead till 12pm! What thu? Sort of loving life in my bed right now though, Sleep has become a major priority! 

Tomorrow I PROMISE I will go to the gym & HIT IT HARD

As I mentioned yesterday tomorrow I'm shooting Ten30's Look-book in Glasgow. Tres excited about the whole thing! I shall be tweeting through the day so if you don't follow me already 1 WHY THE HELL NOT? TWEETING IS THE FUTURE 2 Get On It @laureneandrew 

A few days ago I had a mass clear out on Facebook, now, anyone reading this that was on the end of my rash deleting spree do not take it personally, Truth is I do not know 1,900 people. & quite frankly I am actually becoming more private as the year progresses which explains a lot with this blog. Although i'm freaking flattered that loads of people read all these ramblings I have to admit being talked AT when out and about by people you don't even recognise never mind know about you and your life is DEAD weird. But again I suppose thats the whole point right? SO if you wanna be a nosey bastard about whats going on with my life then the best way to do so is to keep reading this, follow me on twitter or like my fecking page. Anyone who has a page on Facebook knows that you can in fact see who and how many people SWATCH it, and it's funny as a hell of a lot more people swatch that admit to LIKE whats the deuce people? It's not a bad thing to be nice and to support other people, Glasgow needs to get a grip of this whole thing of wanting people to fail it really irritates me! Be a positive person as radiating positive energy has a massive effect on your whole life. TRUST.

Bahumbug is the title of this blog, truth be told I LOVE christmas and everything that comes with it, I am a MASSIVE GIVER and actually buzz out of giving presents! OH THE JOYS. Not to mention the one day out of the whole year where EVEYRONE gets a pass to eat until you actually feel sick, WIN WIN WIN. But this year, something isn't clicking, I don't feel christmasy, I've actually started TRYING to get into it, I watched elf, CLASSIC, so much love for that film. I helped the fam with the tree bla bla bla but seriously it doesn't feel like santa's on his way in my head. Hopefully this will change. ASAP or i'm in for a definite lump of coal

This time last year, I was in the beautiful Australia, I spent Christmas Day in 45degree heat, a very different situation to the one I am going to find myself in on Sunday, I plan on going back to Australia in the very near future. I really loved the whole lifestyle out there. 

This image was taken on one of my favourite shoots to date, In Oz. This was one of the most intense days of my modelling career but it's where I also first felt like I was actually pretty all right at all this posing lark. I was pushed poked and prodded all day long and in this, I was in fact pushed to my best, This is where my modelling career REALLY begun...

Aaron Simone Ady and Amanda I cannot wait to see where you guys push me to on my return...

Peace Love & Reminiscing 



Monday, 19 December 2011

Hair Tights & Tee's

Model - Lauren Andrew @ Model Team
Photographer - Derrick Argent
MUA - Kaeleigh Wallace
Hair - Anne Marie Mcelroy

Get Your Shit Together

I kind of my lost hope in myself for a second there, and lost hope in my lovely little blog. But after using it to GET MY SHIT TOGETHER & GET MOTIVATED, I'm back, for the 1000th time this year. Decided I need some consistency in my life, routine and a schedule. So I'm going to take you with me, day by day! Officially on the 1st of january, I'm going to do the year long photo challenge. 365 photos & I'm going to start video blogging! Yes, I've finally decided to MAN UP & get on it. Lots of plans for 2012. A year I will finally leave my teenage years and turn 20, hopefully travel some more, learn live laugh and love? My Mr Big is out there, he has to be right? 

Yesterday & Today have been spent on the couch, movie marathon and catching up on sleep. Tomorrow will be as far from movie watching as humanly possible, polar opposite day. Its back to the gym I go, Planning on 2 training sessions. One long cardio interval training, then a break & a swim! Then onto an intense weight session! Girls & boys, you only get one shot at this life! One body so make the most of it & look after it! Advice I'm planning on putting into practice! 

I only have 1 shoot this week which is good as I can concentrate on the gym get focused and in shape! My one shoot is Mr Ten30's S/S 2012 Look-book! Being shot on Wednesday morning! Then i'm working at an event on Saturday ALL day long! Hopefully be flat shoes involved give my poor lil' toots a rest from my 'tranny heels' as Rachel Zoe would say. 

Over the last days of 2011, I plan on reflecting on the last year, and putting up some stuff that will hopefully motivate you guys into doing better, being better and striving to achieve your dreams.

I have a target that has to be met by the end of 2011, Let's see if we can reach it.

Reflective & Motivational Post IS IN THE POST

Peace Love & Bloggin' Bitch


I LAV This Abstract Shot By Ian McInnes 
& Cannot wait to shoot with him & Jak in the early weeks of the New Year


Monday, 12 December 2011

‎'Death By Stilleto I Can't Think of a Better Way To Go"

Enjoying a Rare Duvet Day watching one of my favourite shows (2nd to Sex & The City) The Rachel Zoe Project! I love everything about her, her mannerisms her terminologies and of course her style is REDIC. 

I  L O V E This Shoot She Did for Harpers Bizarre So Much I've Decided to Share it With you All.

Rachel with Calvin Klein's Creative Director Francisco Costa

With One of My Favourite Designers Vera Wang

AH-MAZING Shoe Designer Brian Atwood

Wonderful Mr Michael Kors

& The Fabulous Marc Jacobs


The Shoot is all based around one of Rachel's most Famous Sayings I DIE! & What better way to Die Than For Fashion

Peace & Love

Slowly But Surely I Will Get Back Into Writing About Me