Sunday, 25 December 2011




I brought in Christmas with the ladies and gents at my 'local' THE SHED! Eeee MUCHOS FUN was had by ALL! Kind of a Christmas traddition that I LOVE & also the first year i've been and actually been legal as I was down under last year. OH SHIEET

La & Santa seriously got it on this year, no coal in sight, just lots of lovely goodies, smellies & gadgets. After some serious unwrapping/ripping open the beautifully wrapped presents to the point paper cuts were almost involved, I sat down to a freaking 5 course meal with My Mum's side of the FAM. I know every house is different, but we have rules and regulations. Even on Christmas!! Everyone must be present to open the presents? Excuse the pun. Games MUST be played by all and Mum MUST insist on filling your glass full of bubbly every two-seconds. Resulting in a very giggly, hiccuping afternoon followed by a boozy nap, then up for round two. I am somewhere in the almost stopped giggling and hiccuping point nearly ready for my nap!! I think I will have a bubble bath filled with all my molton brown goodies, so i'm smelling FRESH for bed ALONE.. How depressing? No, i've decided being single at Christmas is something i'm going to EMBRACE and when it comes to sale shopping, treat myself to a gift. A Christmas gift for myself from myself? Something of the Mulberry variety maybe? WHAT?!?! I've been good this year! Nonetheless Christmas is about family and spending it together, Kind of sad as I come from a broken home A.K.A Mother & Father are divorced, which means Christmas never really feels complete! BUT on the up side, means Christmas with the Andrew's Part 2 is still to come... TOMORROW! Every cloud has a silver lining. 

Hope Santa was Good to You All
& I'm Thinking to everyone spending Christmas Alone


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