Thursday, 31 March 2011

Hatred and bitterness can never cure the disease of fear; 
Only love can do that. 

Hatred paralyses life; 
Love harmonises it. 
Hatred darkens life;
 Love illumines it

Shoot below I did with two of my favourite people to work with, Fellow model, Julia Bell. & Levi Macdonald a Talent Glasgow really doesn't fully appreciate yet,  Literary the two nicest people in the world. So talented too, Julia your wise words have got me through! and Levi. Bake me a Cake I'm freaking starving! We did this shoot for a company called Flossy & Dossy, The dresses made me feel like a Woman if that makes sense? Maybe not but I remember floating about the west end like a prim and proper Lady instead of dancing about Karbon in a tight little dress!

Peace Love and Lady Like Dresses

P.s NERVOUS/STRESSED about London.
Excited about Jessie J

So Much Too Do, & I've Ran Out Of Time, Usual

All of The Lights

Extra Bright, I Want Ya'll To See This


Kylie, Jesus FUCKING Christ. I sooo did not expect to be that impressed! The whole production was completely out of this world. The costumes, dancers SHOES, Dresses, Muscle's everywhere! and not to mention the WATER. I had so much fun dancing around singing at the top of my lungs with my Muma, (you should have seen my lil crippled Mum clobbering back to her car because her feet hurt so much) What an amazing night. But, theres ALWAYS a but. at the very end, Just when Kylie came back on for her encore, This couple came barging through the crowd obviously wanting to get a look in, standing all over my feet and of all the places to stand they stood next to me, Mum's giving me the 'Lauren, please don't say anything' look when they are rocking back and forth between the barrier and me, spilling their drinks and bursting my eardrums as they were trying to shout over Kylie, because that was exactly what I wanted to hear? How much they were 'so Happy that they could share this magical moment together' and how much they 'appreciate each other on a whole new level' not even going to get into what that conversation turned into, Ok, I will a little. All you need to know is that it would have been X rated, over 18's only. Bed, Tongue's and 'going to show you more of me than I ever have before' all we needed was Rihanna's S&M as a backing track belting out Whips & Chains and I think it we would have been on to something. or NOT. On the way home, real radio were playing all Kylie anthems, and now that our voices has been warmed up, me and my mum obviously thought the songs would sound better with us screaming over them, Sorry southisde of Glasgow. The Windows were down!

and Back to reality today, I've had a pretty grumpy morning, I think its due to the fact I miss cakes. Don't be fooled by me. I'm writing this blog just as I am trying to sort my whole life out, this includes the fact I binge on junk food. Yes, it's true. I have literary been eating cakes for breakfast. I'm one of those really annoying people with the super high  metabolism's, That everyone thinks wouldn't eat that much, well in fact, I think i would surprise most of you, so one day I thought enough is enough, I've been told for a while now that food effects your mood, and the more healthy you are the better you feel, It makes sense. But no one told me about the withdrawal stage? I miss cakes crisps and pizza. Herbalife - 2 shakes a day, with vitamins, - for breakfast lunch or dinner and one healthy meal? The shakes are tastey! I have coffee flavour and cookies and cream. I have to drink loads of water (which I'm incredibly bad at) and Green Tea, which I drink anyway. Day 2, and I don't massive a big change, But i'm going to stick at it for sure. has so many things going on right now work is manic, better than being bored and nothing to do. I actually do love my job and who I work with, its normal to moan about work though, trying to be better at making my boss cups of coffee, its just laziness that I don't, the kitchen is 2 flights of stairs away! No excuses Jossie Jo. In our office there have been many out of the ordinary things go down from Make Up for shoots & BOTOX today I thought I would add another weird and wonderful activity. Louise Ballantine is coming in to give me a Spray Tan. I don't use sunbeds any more, and my tan is fading from Australia, time to bit the bullet and get a sunless tan! Will let you know how I get on...

Tonight I'm treating my sisters and Mum to go see Jessie J at the o2 Academy in Glasgow, from what I have seen and heard from her so far I think tonights going to be a good night! I have already posted that video of her singing in the subway, I think she is a true inspiration and good role model for all, the message I certainly get from her is people should just be themselves, but better. Be comfortable in your own skin and shine. Never let your dreams fade and fight hard for them, I wonder if its possible to ever be Jessie J cool naturally? 

Above is a shoot from Australia, I had only been down under for a few days, Photographer Brett Earl met me at the MUA's (Make Up Artist's) House, Shanice Brownlie for prep. We then drove out on location to a little curve at the beach where no one was at and shoot in the blazing heat! Brett's girlfriend Jasmine Paterson came along to give a helping hand with lighting, True hero bringing 'chips' as in crisps and juice! I was really pleased with the photos we produced and had such a laugh with everyone involved, Again compliments all round to the three and I hope to see you all on my return!

Peace Love & Herbalife


Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Get Outta My Way

Surprise Tickets to Kylie tonight! & I'm beyond excited.

How GOOD does she Look? Seriously WOW

Today, I woke up about 6.45am considered going back to sleep, and that GUILT thanng made me get up out of my bed and go TO THE GYM! At long last I finally made it there! Started Herbalife today too! 2 Shakes and I'm feeling great. Just finished work at, going to go up to herbalife and trade in the strawberry flavour shake mix for cookies and cream then hit up the gym again, DASH home and get my Mum to raise the roof at Kylie! Today is a good day! Apart from this, I know it shouldn't bother me, but it does. I made a fan page to showcase what's going on in my modelling career. & I know what I'm like on facebook, everyone loves to be nosey and look at everyone's photos, so out of 1,000 people my facebook 'friends' 200 of them 'like' my page. I just think its sad, I mean why are people so bitter in this town. SHOW SOME LOVE people. How is anyone meant to survive in the Industry with out a little support from their friends? Kind of puts things in perspective. 

Rant Over
Gym Shoes On
Dancing Shoes Later

Peace Love & Kylie Minogue

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Just Can't Get Enough

So last night. The Gym didn't happen, I failed to motivate myself and decided to get food with Phil & Usi instead, apart from huffy waitresses, My Steak sandwich was pretty damn good! (Thanks Phil) But today, I woke up with the GUILT. I have 3 full days (now 2) too Loose the target of 1000stone. I went to a Herbalife meeting last week where I was told I was 8stone. (The heaviest I have EVER been) but in fact underweight for my height. My BMI is 19.5% which is low too BUT not good enough. Nothing is ever good enough but this news is tragic. So, Tonight I'm going to work my little ass off in that gym, and tomorrow morning, night, Thursday morning and night, don't think I'll make it on Friday as my train is at 5.40am to make this shoot with Anna Fowler. As of tomorrow, I am starting on Herbalife. I haven't heard any bad reports on this as of yet, So thinking I'll give it a go? What is Herbalife? it was created by a guy that vowed to create a safe way of getting skinny due to his mothers death, she was an actress and felt very under pressure to stay slimmer than slim, she died from over dosing on a combination of diet pills and sleeping tablets. SO game on. Its two shakes a day and 1 meal, you have to take these with vitamins. I chose strawberry flavour and Coffee. So apparently with regular exercise My whole body shape will change? TIME WILL TELL PEOPLE

Is it really cheesy that I LOVE this song. Hopefully it will get me through a brutal workout tonight, Heres a few more TUNES according to me. Trying to convince myself I'm excited about the gym? FAIL. Man Up La

Jamie from the XX really knows how to Funk up a sad song.

Peace Love & R.I.P Carbs


Long Time Coming

OK Guys, this has really been a Long Time Coming! I did this shoot in Australia in December 2010. One of the best experiences in my Modelling career. It was such an amazing day! Only good things to say about the out of this world team that included just turned 22year old Aaron Wayne McPolin, a photographer so Talented beyond his years its unreal, Born in Manchester in the U.K made me feel at ease but equally pushing me to my limits no other photographer has as you can see the photograph is on another level much like everyone involved. Simone Lee - I feel like it wouldn't be right to call her a Hairdresser because she really is so much more, with ambition for World Domination much like myself a female more talented than even she would lead you to believe. 'Grafter' wouldn't cover it. Simone if your reading this. Grafter means Hard Worker (get some sleep girl!!) Ady Grader, Make Up Artist. You know these people who light up a room? Just by being themselves? Thats Ady down to a T. She automatically made me feel as at home as I could feel half way across the world!, probably one of the softest people I have ever met in my life. Lauren Boyle, Girl I still want that dress, another artist totally mental but GET'S IT! watch out world. Seriously, Last but not least AMANDA who is in fact Aaron's Mum. It was love at first sight as she bounced into the studio ARMED WITH FOOD! wow and does she know how to funk up nails, seriously I think its a trend that's going to catch! COPYRIGHT, do it! You will see what I mean when I get the rest of the photos from the Shoot, professional shoots you do actually have to wait until every thing is published to make it worth everyone's while, And after the conversations that took place in Australia I cant wait to let you guys know WHEN & WHERE this shoot is being published. I am dying to see the rest of the shots, but apparently good things come to those who wait! (I think I've said more nice things here than any other time in my life, feeling very vulnerable and uncomfortable for some reason, I am not a softy, I am hard as nails! haha)

The Wait Continues 

Peace Love & Wigs

Below is the Collection of Photos Produced by The Same Team of Creative for Hair Expo Compititon

Behind the Scenes.


Lauren I'm Serious, I WANT IT.

Happy Tuesday

HAD to share this. 

Full report on how Jessie J ROCKED Glasgow on Thursday night to Follow

More Later Today

Peace Love & Undefinable Cool

Monday, 28 March 2011

Another Day, Another Photo Shoot

After a much needed 8.30pm bedtime, Grumpy La is feeling Fresh and back to as 'normal' as I get! Today I has a Shoot for 'The Pokey Hat' a new Vintage Website launching on the 19th of April so keep a Look out! The shoot went well, and I think Jennifer the owner was pretty happy with the result so WIN WIN for everyone involved.

Sneak a Sneak
A Few Unedited Photos From Today
Thanks B

I am now in Work Trying super hard to get motivated for the Gym, I have too loose like 100000 stone as I have a shoot with Anna Fowler in London on Friday, the night before I'm going to see Jessie J in Glasgow. BUSY ASS WEEK AHEAD

OMG, I nearly forgot, I had THE BEST Taxi driver after the shoot today
The Conversation went a little like this. 
Taxi Driver 
"There's nothing that I could do or buy that could enhance the way I look apart from Dark Glasses for the person looking AT me"
"Let's Play HOT or NOT" (Sadly I was too busy writing down what he was saying to play, but that didn't stop him) Followed by "Quite disappointing, I can't slag or commend anyone, Everyone's so average"
I ask him if he usually worked at night as he kept on going on about how bright it was.
"I try and avoid day time like the plague, the people tend to be sober and less confessional, The conversations at night time tend to start with 'you'll never guess what I've just done'"

Above is a Fun Shoot I Did with my Pal Fraser Bone for his Club Night SPILL 

For once I have very Little to Say.

Peace & Love
I Hate Working Out

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Sunday Session

So, Today I am feeling Fragile! to say the least! Steff's party was elegant, and I'm still in shock with how similar she is too both her Mum and Dad, Cocktails and Cupcakes went down a treat. BUT Huge disaster prior to arriving of course as nothing in my life runs smoothly! Work was ok, ended up going and spending a fortune in Topshop after. Then had to go and buy Steff a present (ended up getting her a beautiful ring from Frasers) and a Present for Tomas, who I've known since I was born. (can't tell you what I got him as he doesn't know yet) Got the train home, Met my Mum had some Dinner and Grabbed a shower. I have to say at this point I was hating my mid week decision to cut in a F.R.I.N.G.E. finally saw through this and continued the process of getting my glam on. I decided on a Playsuit very low cut at the front (I am lucky enough not to have to worry about the problem with low cut tops as, There are no problems there to worry about if you catch my drift) Just about to get in the Taxi, and remember My Mum had my passport from my failed trip to Paris, and because my little friend Jen has stolen my Identity for a while (as she is 16) I had nothing else to take. Shouted on my Mum to see where she had put it. Of course it wasn't anywhere to be found. Coincidently my younger sister Ellen had just left to go on a night out with her Pals (the passport is still to be found) So HELL broke loose in my house, until I admitted defeat, reminded myself that I have been going out since I was 14 years old, If I could blag it then? What was stopping my now I am actually legally allowed? 

Today I have a fitting! For NIGHTWALK! @The Arches, My friend Julia is doing it too & Just found out Hollie and Laila are too so I'm sure it will be fun fun fun. Get your asses down and support a possibility of me falling flat on my face? haha There is a first for everything! Not done catwalk since Novemeber! (the fitting was then followed by cocktails for the girls and pineapple juice for me)

Below is My 1st Shoot in Glasgow by Brian Hayes

These are a few of my Favourites from the Day. The pictures were taken in central Glasgow

It's funny to look back and think about how much I've achieved in 10months. 

Early Night For Me Busy Day Tomorrow

Peace Love & Sweet Sweet Dreams

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Love a Little

This is a shoot I did with a Photographer Andrew R.Moore last month, I was meant to shoot with him about November time but ended up getting called down to London so I had to cancel, So was really happy when we finally got to work together

My Friend Alana trained MUA (Make Up Artist, sorry if I use abbreviation such as this and just ASSUME everyone knows what what I'm talking about) Came through with me, I said why don't you just do the make up, Pretty logical? was then replied with an abrupt NO. No, it doesn't make any sense to me either. I wanted a very stripped back look using Black as the block colour through the wardrobe. So I did my own Hair and Make Up... I would say that I'm actually all right at it now? No one knows your face like you do, so between 'trial and error' and 'practice makes perfect' I think you work out works best yourself!

Andrew has a very distinct type of photography, I love the black and white shots he is renowned for!

Today is Saturday, I have mentioned a little bit in my previous posts that I work for (I need an appointment, I model, (Paper Bags and Balaclavas) I work In Cruise on a Saturday and I volunteer with kids with special needs on a Thursday night (I will explain a little more in the future) but yes, today is Saturday, which means CRUISE, after vowing retail wasn't for me, Johnny the boss man at Cruise (after a good few champers at New Year) said he would give me a job, pulling me in with words like 'discount' such a sucker! So a few days after New Year. Boom. Saturday I am a sales assistant or as Cruise would say it, Personal Shopper. In fact, I got an interesting message off of Sarah my Friend who also works in Cruise (who is coincidentally 'sheggin' the boss, Not Johnny, G man, I refer to the two as Rachel & Rodger. I've mentioned Sarah before, the one to most certainly watch) to say I HAD to spend £225 before the end of the day. Love a uniform spending spree. If anyone doesn't know what Cruise is, its very much the highest end of 'High Street' that stocks labels like Prada D&G Chloe Christian Louboutins Balenciaga, I could go on but its hard enough working surrounded by it never mind writing about it! £225 allowance sounds like ALOT, no no not in Cruise, I ended up getting a casual Acne over sized Tee/dress and a black zip dress by Christopher Kane!

Tonight is my gurl Steffani Dean's 21st  birthday, so the plan is cocktails and cupcakes at her house then into town for Dancing, I can imagine its going to be a fabulous night. One of my oldest (known for longest) friends Robyn Wallace is up from London, really cant wait to see my 'Wife'. Lots of campaign cocktails & good Friends. Prediction? Shin Dig of the Month, so Steff ya babe, Happy Birthday Bitch, let the good times roll.

To Be Continued...

Peace, Love & Cupcakes

Friday, 25 March 2011


Just got sent these. Was taking a Dress to a shoot with Sarah Evie Stella Barker, (one to watch) and decided to be impulsive and ask Paddy the Hairdresser to Snip me In a Fringe. 

Photos Taken Last Night by Ms Levi, BOOM BOOM BOOM

Peace Love & Happy Friday


No Words

The title of this blog is pretty tragic seen as Blog's have to have some content. But really I am referring to the photo below. I did this shoot while in Australia in December with Make Up artist and all round creative Director Siouxane Martincic, and Photographer David Woolley. It was such a hot day I felt totally cheated from the sun! It was a studio shoot (which I am not the biggest fan of) But as you can see below, It turned out, well. You tell me.

Not only were these hair pieces in fact neon green and black, I have a gas mask round my neck. My first time wearing contact lenses. When getting prep'd, I was feeling like a super DIVA gazing outside, but as soon as Siouxane talked me through what she wanted and all the props I felt totally inspired. I got into character and am pretty amazed with the result. Big hand all round, Absaloutely love the shot. Am I allowed to say that? Without sounding like I'm blowing smoke up my arse?