Monday, 28 March 2011

Another Day, Another Photo Shoot

After a much needed 8.30pm bedtime, Grumpy La is feeling Fresh and back to as 'normal' as I get! Today I has a Shoot for 'The Pokey Hat' a new Vintage Website launching on the 19th of April so keep a Look out! The shoot went well, and I think Jennifer the owner was pretty happy with the result so WIN WIN for everyone involved.

Sneak a Sneak
A Few Unedited Photos From Today
Thanks B

I am now in Work Trying super hard to get motivated for the Gym, I have too loose like 100000 stone as I have a shoot with Anna Fowler in London on Friday, the night before I'm going to see Jessie J in Glasgow. BUSY ASS WEEK AHEAD

OMG, I nearly forgot, I had THE BEST Taxi driver after the shoot today
The Conversation went a little like this. 
Taxi Driver 
"There's nothing that I could do or buy that could enhance the way I look apart from Dark Glasses for the person looking AT me"
"Let's Play HOT or NOT" (Sadly I was too busy writing down what he was saying to play, but that didn't stop him) Followed by "Quite disappointing, I can't slag or commend anyone, Everyone's so average"
I ask him if he usually worked at night as he kept on going on about how bright it was.
"I try and avoid day time like the plague, the people tend to be sober and less confessional, The conversations at night time tend to start with 'you'll never guess what I've just done'"

Above is a Fun Shoot I Did with my Pal Fraser Bone for his Club Night SPILL 

For once I have very Little to Say.

Peace & Love
I Hate Working Out

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