Sunday, 27 March 2011

Sunday Session

So, Today I am feeling Fragile! to say the least! Steff's party was elegant, and I'm still in shock with how similar she is too both her Mum and Dad, Cocktails and Cupcakes went down a treat. BUT Huge disaster prior to arriving of course as nothing in my life runs smoothly! Work was ok, ended up going and spending a fortune in Topshop after. Then had to go and buy Steff a present (ended up getting her a beautiful ring from Frasers) and a Present for Tomas, who I've known since I was born. (can't tell you what I got him as he doesn't know yet) Got the train home, Met my Mum had some Dinner and Grabbed a shower. I have to say at this point I was hating my mid week decision to cut in a F.R.I.N.G.E. finally saw through this and continued the process of getting my glam on. I decided on a Playsuit very low cut at the front (I am lucky enough not to have to worry about the problem with low cut tops as, There are no problems there to worry about if you catch my drift) Just about to get in the Taxi, and remember My Mum had my passport from my failed trip to Paris, and because my little friend Jen has stolen my Identity for a while (as she is 16) I had nothing else to take. Shouted on my Mum to see where she had put it. Of course it wasn't anywhere to be found. Coincidently my younger sister Ellen had just left to go on a night out with her Pals (the passport is still to be found) So HELL broke loose in my house, until I admitted defeat, reminded myself that I have been going out since I was 14 years old, If I could blag it then? What was stopping my now I am actually legally allowed? 

Today I have a fitting! For NIGHTWALK! @The Arches, My friend Julia is doing it too & Just found out Hollie and Laila are too so I'm sure it will be fun fun fun. Get your asses down and support a possibility of me falling flat on my face? haha There is a first for everything! Not done catwalk since Novemeber! (the fitting was then followed by cocktails for the girls and pineapple juice for me)

Below is My 1st Shoot in Glasgow by Brian Hayes

These are a few of my Favourites from the Day. The pictures were taken in central Glasgow

It's funny to look back and think about how much I've achieved in 10months. 

Early Night For Me Busy Day Tomorrow

Peace Love & Sweet Sweet Dreams

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