Saturday, 22 October 2011


Last night I had THEE worst sleep EVER, Honestly hardly shut my eyes at all & before I knew it it was time to get up and get my FRESHNESS ONN! Shower, Bath - STANDARD DOUBLE WHAMMY, Dry my Main & Full body Moisturise, Clean fresh faced ready for show prep! After that mammoth task of blow drying my hair alone, I was off to OBCURE COUTURE HQ for a much needed Pow Wow and Catch up. The house was full of lovely people including Jenn & Lyndsay (obviously) New to the obscure T E A M, Ms Dawn Smith, I T C O W's Claire Stuart and my LOVE Designer in her own right Ms Leelah Macaulay! After Bad Skin, Amazing Hair, Bright Future's & Fashion Fabulousness were discussed it was time to say my See Ya Later's & Head to the Mal Maison for the Fittings and Run through!

On arrival I perked myself on the 'sink into me' couch, wow that thing was comfy & MAN that room was beyond warm!  Mr Alan true to form was going at it at the sewing machine making the final touches to his beautiful designs, One by one the models got prepped and primed (as mac would say) by the lovely Cat Gatenby who managed to make us all look 60's glam. Fellow model Mhairi McGowan managed to get me through the long wait! First Impressions COUNT god what a lovely human being you are gurl, Look forward to working with you again!

So, faces painted, hair did - I was READY TO ROCK THE RUNWAY. Also, was so excited to be opening the show - which was BEAUTIFUL by the way, wait until you see the pictures. The runway edged with heather the mood was totally appropriate to both Ten30 & Harris Tweed! Top of the runway being topped off with a live violinist and male vocalist - total old scots feel - it really was awesome!

All Round AH MAZING Night, Well done Alan & Team it was such a pleasure to rock your wonderful Runway Show.

Boom Time
Over & OUT




Beautiful Claire Backstage Calming Nerves

After The Show

Friday, 21 October 2011

Don't Rain on La's Parade

So all fired up and ready to get my pout on, The rained poured and the shoot was called off. This is another reason I have to move. Glasgow sort your life out. 

So today, I have actually had a DAY OFF yes ladies and gentlemen, I feel freaking AMAZING for it. I swear all work and no play/sleep ain't good for you. Not one bit. So rest up and recharge those much needed batteries!

Tonight, the plan is to, 1 Tidy my room as it's gotten completely OUT OF CONTROL. Much like my life, But tonight, that's all about to change. I plan on downloading some feel good music, dancing about like a lunatic until it's spotless. 2 FINALLY watch SPREAD, a film I have only seen the start of! Full update on what I think to be continued. 3 PAMPER PAMPER PAMPER for tomorrow's SHOW. I'm SO excited to be back on the runway! I gave up on the idea of runway quite a while ago, but with London fashion week under my belt or heels if you like I feel MUCH more confident on ROCKIN' THE SHIT OUT OF IT

Before the show I'm going to OBSCURE COUTURE HQ for a catch up, I haven't seen my favourites in too long so its time for a natter and caffeine. 

I'm going to take my trusty macbook to the show as it's a pretty long day of waiting about, so expect LIVE coverage wannabe's

ALSO, I am now LIVE on Model Team, (click to view) Yes, after finally signing my contract ,my new agency (between moving the head office) have managed to stick me up on site - CHECK ME OUT - Spread the WORD Y'all 

Below is a little snippet of the fashion film I did for the event I T C O W show thats taking place this coming wednesday! If your not already attending, GET DOWN It's one not to be missed

Below are two new pictures from my shoot with Mark Barnfield in London, the first two in a while i'm totally TORN on whether I love them or hate them? WHAT DO YOU THINK - FEEDBACK PEOPLE

Right, Peace & Love
& Here's to a LONG ASS NIGHT
Due to the face I have just consumed a fairly HUGE amount of Rockstar

Boom Time



Thursday, 20 October 2011

La is Back

EH HALLOW RIRI, How god dam sexy do you look with your hunk of a man? Jesus Christ. IMMENSE-NESS I love & a little voice over by The QUEEN herself Ms Agyness Deyn to kick it off, What more could you ask for?

The past few weeks have been less crazy than usual & I even managed a night off in good old Manchester! To be honest I think I've had writers block, for a bit, In the sense I was thinking before I spoke/typed? WHAT THE HELL? I know this is a trait I have never been able to master before so WHY now? No idea, I think all thats left to say is I'M JUST GONI DO ME. 

 Above are some new photos from LFW

Another photo from the wonderful Brain Rolfe!

A New Headshot From Mr Mark Barnfield

Tomorrow I have my first shoot in ages, and then on Saturday a show & still fresh from the rockin' the runway at LFW I'm hoping to do the same for Alan Moore - TEN30. 

I guess thats all I have to say today. I'm mad busy with work but essentially feeling like LA once again

Haters Gonna Hate
Peace Love & INNOVATION 



Friday, 7 October 2011


Today, I feel RESTLESS. My mind is going over time and all I really want to do is focus some energy into a shoot! So seen as I didn't make it up to model team yesterday, I finally signed my contract! BOOM TIME. Yes, I am officially represented by Model Team & will be up on new faces by next week! 

Straight after I managed to organise a little test, Liam Dickson that shoots all of the Obscure Couture stuff was back from Cuba and had a free spot, I got my hair done by the wonderful Jak's lovely boyfriend Gordon @ Rainbow Rooms & Nina from MAC did my face! Nina sneaked me in to the shop floor and did me in between her bookings! Whilst sitting down a few of the mac girls I know came up and told me how freaked out they have been, a new campaign has been put up and it reminds them all of me, at first I didn't see it but sitting in front of the mirror I kept catching glances of it in the mirror and I can see where they are coming from! What do you think?

Not a Very good Picture But Here's My HUGE Hair Thanks to Gordon@Rainbow Rooms

I got to Liam's and we did a few quick simples shots! & Of course I didn't shut up for the whole 2 hours!

Tonight I am CHILLIN' It's way to cold outside to be even considering going out

FLUFFINESS with some Comfy's and a Chick Flick Ahead of Me Tonight
Oh How Times have Changed

Peace Love & Fur Blankets

Home & In My Victoria's Secrets COMFY'S


Thursday, 6 October 2011

Photo Shoot Fresh

Today it was time to get PHOTO-SHOOT FRESH. I arrived through the blistering cold weather where the sky looked like it had just burst open. Maybe a slight exaggeration but thats how it felt. HORRIBLE! The studio was still being used when all three of us arrived so we sat in con's office until Jak and I did the latte run & I went and pulled clothes for the shoot around town. I have a press pass for some shops which means i'm listed as a stylist, I get to pull clothes normally 12-14 pieces per shop! Today I didn't pull many as I already had it planned out last minute! 

Caffeine BUZZ in our bellies we cracked on! 


Polaroid Scan - Little Sneak

Still So Many More To Come!

I had SO much fun with Jak and Ian as usual, Always know when I go there we're going to smash it! Such amazing people who are really supportive and know how to push me in the right way! I definitely walked out feeling positively pumped with a new fresh outlook on things. Thank you for having me once again and WHEN'S THE NEXT ONE?

BHT Picture Of Jaks Handy Work - MENTAL-NESS

After the shoot I quickly shot over to Paisley for an event INAA was sponsoring! It was a LADIES NIGHT raising money for Breast Cancer! So me and the INAA girls was collecting email addresses, handing out shots, selling raffle tickets and goodie bags! The night was a total success and they raised alot of money! AH MAZING. Doing my bit for charity ended up being quite the success story for me. We all bought raffle tickets, and I won, not 1, not 2, but 3 freaking prizes! I promise it was not a fix! I won a bottle of pink champaign, a voucher to get my glam on at a salon and 100pounds worth of arbornne skin care products. WINNER! BOOM!

After they Raised a thousand pounds, this man got a full chest Wax! OUCH! 

Back to Bizz'niz
Peace Love & WINNING