Thursday, 6 October 2011

Photo Shoot Fresh

Today it was time to get PHOTO-SHOOT FRESH. I arrived through the blistering cold weather where the sky looked like it had just burst open. Maybe a slight exaggeration but thats how it felt. HORRIBLE! The studio was still being used when all three of us arrived so we sat in con's office until Jak and I did the latte run & I went and pulled clothes for the shoot around town. I have a press pass for some shops which means i'm listed as a stylist, I get to pull clothes normally 12-14 pieces per shop! Today I didn't pull many as I already had it planned out last minute! 

Caffeine BUZZ in our bellies we cracked on! 


Polaroid Scan - Little Sneak

Still So Many More To Come!

I had SO much fun with Jak and Ian as usual, Always know when I go there we're going to smash it! Such amazing people who are really supportive and know how to push me in the right way! I definitely walked out feeling positively pumped with a new fresh outlook on things. Thank you for having me once again and WHEN'S THE NEXT ONE?

BHT Picture Of Jaks Handy Work - MENTAL-NESS

After the shoot I quickly shot over to Paisley for an event INAA was sponsoring! It was a LADIES NIGHT raising money for Breast Cancer! So me and the INAA girls was collecting email addresses, handing out shots, selling raffle tickets and goodie bags! The night was a total success and they raised alot of money! AH MAZING. Doing my bit for charity ended up being quite the success story for me. We all bought raffle tickets, and I won, not 1, not 2, but 3 freaking prizes! I promise it was not a fix! I won a bottle of pink champaign, a voucher to get my glam on at a salon and 100pounds worth of arbornne skin care products. WINNER! BOOM!

After they Raised a thousand pounds, this man got a full chest Wax! OUCH! 

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Peace Love & WINNING

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