Sunday, 25 September 2011

London Diaries: Day 11

My train wasn't until 13.25pm so Jeni and I had brunch before I left, toast and white chocolate spread and a latte, pretty lovely way to end my London trip, Jeni walked me over to euston and even got me seated on the train, I decided to treat myself and upgrade to first class only because you get free coffee and Wi Fi! 

So the 4 hours actually went pretty fast and before I knew it I was home greeted by my Mum we talked and cuddled and watched X Factor I was just about to go to sleep and I get an intriguing request to go into town for a bottle of bubbly. This was in fact my man, So that's what I did, dressed up in a little dress with hair big and curly and just a little bit of make up on I sipped bubbly with my man until the bubbles had filled my head.

DO NOT ENTER sign is well and truly up on our door.

Glasgow, I really Did Miss You


Saturday, 24 September 2011

London Diaries: Day 10

Today I woke up about 12pm, longest lie in such a bloody long time but as it was saturday I feel it was well deserved and justified! There was an arsenal game on and Leeann lives right next to the stadium so I made a sharp exit!

The plan was to go home at half 4, but I wouldn't arrive to Glasgow until 11pm and someone was less than impressed, so I stayed and extra Un planned day. I went back to Jeni's and showered we then made our way into Selfridges for a PINKBERRY, now having never been to L.A I have never experienced pinkberry but have heard the rave reviews. It's a frozen yoghurt place you chose the size of tub, the flavour of frozen yog and pick as many toppings as you want! IDEAL

After pinkberry we headed over towards Westfield. A Massive shopping centre in London, We strolled round the shops, the aim of the game was to go to build a bear and treat myself to a new Hello Kitty, limited addition PINK hello kitty. Now for all you build a bear virgin's you literary are involved in the making of you bear, you have to stuff it, put hearts in it and make a wish, me being me requested I put 6 hearts in as it's my lucky number but there was obviously going to be a consequence to this, they made me jump about like a lunatic but it was totally worth it as this was the end result

Meet Kitty

Totally worth it

So after getting over my love fest with my new found love, we wondered up to the food court and had a Byron burger! NOM NOM NOM, and the Vanilla shakes are bloody spectacular. AWESOMENESS.

After eating until I literally thought I was going to burst  we rolled upstairs to the cinema and I finally got to see One Day, when buying our tickets they charged me 20quid? We were all pretty confused, but as it was on its last weeks of viewing they only show it in the VIP theatre with massive leather reclining seats I'M IN. So we paid the ridiculous price and watched the film that was actually pretty heartbreaking I was expecting a good cry but not the hysterical tears that were soon streaming down my face.

Red Puffy Eyes
Sleep Time

Last Night in LDN


Friday, 23 September 2011

London Diaries: Day 9

After I made my way back to London last night I met my two Glaswegian friends Iona and Caitlin! Having not seen each other in months (Iona) and years (caitlin) It would only take the three of us in London to actually catch up! It was so lovely to see them both and we had drinks in an amazing Soho bar (above) Cute right? Well, when I say drinks I mean they drank cocktails and I had lemonade and grenadine! Yes, sensible head is still well and truly ON. I had a pretty big day today so wanted to be FRESH

I only stayed for one drink but it really was so nice to see the girls and i'm already looking forward to our trip down to Manchester to visit Iona. I walked down from soho to Oxford Street to meet Jeni, Jeni who saved my life and pretty much my whole London trip. I actually think everyone need's a Jeni in their life, sensible but fun warm but cold when need be, fun loving and encouraging! POSITIVE VIBES PEOPLE. Veggie or not Jeni you are a true GEM. Yeah so met Jeni and we walked a little further to park lane to a members only club called one four one, Jeni works in the music industry managing bands and one of her colleagues artists Jess Mills was dj'ing with a free bar it was a no brainer to go and show face, but still not caving into alcohol it was pretty short lived! 

I had a meeting first thing this morning on the other side of London after that was done I came home and re charged my batteries in time for my last shoot in London

The shoot was with photographer Robert Charbonnet and with Leeann Soki Mak behind it all I actually felt the PRESSURE! Leeann had sent us all a brief 2 days before and the editorial was for Blanche Magazine, which is an INTERNATIONAL MAGAZINE BABY! 

With this season's must have the PPQ cat hat amongst sparkling jewellery and delicate underwear and body's it was going to be a beauty shoot with an edge. Leeann had a clear vision for the shoot and took control of all aspects. Hair was to be HUGE and textured, Nails sparkling and Make Up was to be strong but beautiful not asking for a lot she also added in that she wanted the shot's to be profile shots, which means not straight on looking off camera & NOT TO POSE. Now, to non models that would be a pretty simple task just act goofy and have fun, but as soon as you put me in front of a camera with lights it's a natural reaction now to POSE POSE POSE. After hair pieces were GLUED into my head, hair was HUGE, Make up did and Nails done by AMA who was recently painting Kelis's nails we were ready to ROCK IT

4 Looks and changes we were wrapped by 11pm at night! Robert's studio was so big that I was freezing my ass off the whole time, even resorted to blowing a hair dryer in my face to keep the heat around me!

I did take some screen shot snaps but wouldn't want to ruin the surprise. Was such an unbelievable shoot, and the hardest i've had to work in a long long time! Leeann pushed me to a new place! It Was amazing

After the shoot we walked back to Leeann's for FOOD I ordered so much greasiness and enjoyed every last bite! I 1000% COMMITTED A CARBASIDE! We sat and talked for hours before passing out..

Peace Love From London Town


Thursday, 22 September 2011

London Diaries: Day 8

WOW I really needed that sleep! I am up early to begin my journey to the never ventured to before ESSEX! Yes,! La is going to Essex, SHUT -- UP! Having seen his work with model Sophia Adams I set up a test with Brian Rolfe for when I was in London, and now that day has come! I was so excited but quite nervous, I guess just of the unknown, But the London born 'Geezer' was so bloody lovely! Working alongside him and the equally lovely Suki I could feel it in my bones that it was going to be a wicked day!

Fresh off of an amazing shoot with Boss model Chloe Brian was buzzing about his latest breakthrough with photography! This instead of exciting me actually made me feel nervous? I felt quite pressured to STEP UP MY GAME as the photos Brain produced that shoot were pretty spectacular. 

The studio was covered in cut outs from Vogue and Harpers Bizarre it felt like my room back at my mum's! Even spotted a few SNAPS that were exactly the same as my collection of self made wallpaper! We instantly got cracking and with loads of wardrobe options we thought we would try nail as much as possible. & that we did, Brian was absolutely amazing to work with, I like to work quick and when you've got the shot, move the hell on. Well, I've never worked so fast! 14 outfits in 2.5 hours. SHUT UP!! I couldn't believe it myself!

Black & White or Normal?
I LOVE the Teaser

Thank You so much for having me Brian I totally can't wait until the next one already, One of the most down to earth lovely people in the industry! Girls, get booking before he takes off HIGHLY RECOMMENDED 

Peace & Love From Essex


Wednesday, 21 September 2011

London Diaries: Day 7

Today is a new day and with plenty of shut eye and my emotions and thoughts regained I have decided to in fact stay in the big smoke! I do have 3 more shoots to do before I go home so I owe it to myself to completely and utterly SMASH IT.

Today I am shooting with Mr Mark Barnfield and Ana Popescu! I arrive at the studio about half 10am where we got to work instantly! Straight into hair and make up! Ana was so lovely and instantly made me laugh, pretty hard job if i'm honest! First look was pretty natural, then building up to the last look being more Glamorous! We wrapped about 4.30pm! 6 hours is pretty standard! Any longer and I get grumpy. Yes, grumpy!

Here's What We Came Up With

I love the outcome and really can't wait to see the rest!

After the shoot I went and met Leeann for some Ice Tea at her's then headed back to Jeni's for some more much needed shut eye

Peace & Love

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

London Diaries: Day 6

What a night I had last night! Was such amazing fun! I was sensible spice though, I actually had to convince my Dad I would walk him back to the hotel, where he was keen to stay out and melt his card a little more! 

I woke up early to wash the wax out of my hair from the show and prepare for my shoot with Anna Fowler. I had to go and pick up a thousand pounds worth of clothes before & planned it out perfectly so me and my Dad could have lunch! & That we did, an italian just of regent street YUM YUM YUM

So after the clothes had been collected it was time to lug my suitcase bags and clothes to the other side of London, NOT FUN. I actually remember where Anna lived from memory in April. 

I arrived once again to open arms! Anna and Carmen the dream team smothered me in cuddles always a good start to a shoot, they instantly put me at ease from all the London stress! They checked out my clothes and got cracking on hair and make up. Anna Fowler is defiantly one of if not the best photographers I have worked with so far, self taught in all aspects of photography and post, ex model she obviously has an eye for it! Her partner in crime is a girl after my own heart, Ms Carmen, trouble in a little bundle of complete and utter JOY. She always gets the best out of my face and the only rule is NO FAKE EYELASHES, Also self taught Carmen knows the game of making the ugly beautiful inside out. These girls compliment each other perfectly and with me, definitely get the best they can. They always push you to an unknown place and want to create something not just beautiful but totally unique for you.

 Above Just a Taster From Today's Shoot With Anna Fowler & Carmen Lebrasee

For More Visit My Page

After the shoot, my plan was to get a taxi to my friend Laura's place because I had so many bags I couldn't stand the thought of the tube. But she was in fact on the other side of London about to go to the theatre, and obviously forgot how much stuff I always have with me, so her suggestion to go meet her then go back to hers was not what I had planned. It didn't help that I was totally drained from work. So I broke down, yes ladies and gents. I broke down in London. I had to return some of the clothes I had borrowed and as soon as that was done I was full on crying my eyes out. The thought of getting on a tube with my suitcase again was so not even an option so my solution? Go home. Yes, I was just going to go home. See i'm actually soft as hell! But thanks to Ms Lyndsey Pagan, she managed to convince her lovely friend Jeni to take me under her roof, give me a cuddle and tell me to MAN THE HELL UP

When this break down occurred I was literally on Oxford Street, I had just come from Anna's so still had black eye make up on. NOT A GOOD LOOK when crying your heart out, but I was so beyond the point of caring I literally wiped it down my face, much to some of you guys disappointment I did not take a photograph but use your imagination I was a riot a true broken girl. 

I got to Jeni's and cuddled me she did. I got such a fright when I went to brush my teeth, I looked like a clown gone wrong with my big red puffy eyes and black eye make up. HOT I know, soon after i washed my face I fell straight asleep

To Go Home or Not?


Monday, 19 September 2011

London Diaries: Day 5

With a 12pm Call Time at time at the show today being held at Browns Courtrooms, Everyone met for morning coffee at 11pm and because I knew I was modelling I got an even longer lie than everyone else, as I didn't need to blow dry and straighten my hair or slap the slap on! So bare faced I had to stroll along with the beautifully done up girls, Really doesn't bother me wearing no make up, because I am normally covered in the stuff on shoots any chance I get I am without make up! (All you poor people that have to see the real me! Maybe this is why everyone is surprised when they find out I model?) Plus I got longer in bed RESULT! 

We arrived at Browns courtrooms and it was straight into fittings, There was 4 other designers showing so it was mayhem! I sat quietly comfy on a chair as I always knew what I was wearing but throughout the day was asked by ALL of the other designers to walk for them. MASSIVE YASS! Instead of 1 I was going to be doing 5, BUT when I was getting fitted for one of the shows, They couldn't use me as the clothes didn't fit, I was in fact, TOO SKINNY!! Best reason EVER RIGHT?

Let The Fittings COMENCE! 

After getting over the panic of will they wont they fit, I was sorted, Walking in 4/5 shows, How the hell that happened I don't know but was chuffed to bits nonetheless! Opening and closing the show for one designer and walking 3 times for Obscure! I felt what could only be described as over whelmed! We were sat down and put straight to hair and make up! My MUA and Hair guys were bloody lovely and I loved the simplicity of the outcome!

Above is the Make up and Hair brief, Look IT'S ME!

I was more nervous for these shows FOR SURE! Much more pressure as I had people I knew in the crowd! My friend Leeann Soki Mak (scroll down to read the interview I did with her if you haven't already) with her friend & music producer Blue Bear & My dad came down from Manchester to show his support! Totally wish everyone from home could have been there to share the experience with me but in actual fact I felt so much pressure with only these 3 in the crowd never mind all you lot!

The Show was actually AH-MAZING. Best Runway Experience of my Life

I opened the last show for Obscure Couture with this FUCK YOU number, they wanted to set the tone and they certainly did, all the oooing and aaaing when I turned round and pointed and the remark stitched into the back of the garment! 

Backstage was MENTAL! Sweaty Shouty MENTAL-NESS & instead of wearing 3 Garments for the last show, I wore 5. Obscure Couture tend to make clothes to fit children! They definitely starve the mannequin they use to measure model size as it's freaking tiny! The other models were slim Jims but a few pieces just wouldn't fit on other models so, quite gladly I stepped in! BUT and there is a HUGE but, after trying to squeeze the girls into the clothes at the fittings, one of the zips burst on one of the dresses, It was fixed, but then broke again. MID WALK. I'm not kidding, I was walking and just suddenly felt this waft of air in my dress, I was thinking to myself no freaking way this dress is wide open at the side and everyone can see my ugly nude thongs. SHIEEETT MAN SHIT. But ever the professional, I held the dress and my dignity together with my arm and got through it.

After the show, it was WINE & CHAMPAIGN time! And since the dad's were buying we were fully celebrating! Such fun times and toasts galore! As if my night couldn't get better the girl that runs the show itself, came up to me and the Obscure Couture girls SUPER excited, raving about OB's collection and how they stole the show, then out of no where, started telling me (without sounded like a total dick) that she was really impressed, she said at first she was like I don't remember that girl in the casting, then realised I was obscure's and the more I came on the more excited she was to see me walk. BIGGEST COMPLIMENT EVER

& Then We Partied


Fuzzy Picture of Me & My Dad Being Driven to Regent Street

Leeann Walking to the TOILETS in Sketch This Place was IN SANE

Blue Bear Leeann Liam My Dad & I

We Took Our Champers With Us

On The Bike, Stacy Jenn & I



Sunday, 18 September 2011

London Diaries: Day 4

Last night we partied hard-ish and thankfully we got to have a long lie! Me & 3 of the other girls decided to wonder into Oxford Street and Spitalfields for a SHOP!

& That's what we did we even wondered right down to brick lane! Now currently in a cafe myself taking some time out to breathe a little. Sometimes, I love coming to London because you can just be yourself and do your own thing and the only thing people are generally bothered about is if you are in their way! But that can give you too much thinking time, and too much is never good! I've kind of stressed myself out a little! Scared myself with the amount I have to do this week and I'm stressing about tomorrow's show, because everyone keeps telling me 'it's the big one'

I'm going to try sleep it off
La Need's To MAN UP!

Peace Love & Skinny Lattes 


Saturday, 17 September 2011

London Diaries: Day 3

So here it is, My LFW Debut! I had an unbelievable time rockin' the runway! As you can see above I walked three times, not the usual one! I was very honoured to be the only model bar one with a change never mind 3 changes! 

After the show we all went round the corner to Covent Gardens to a TGI type place for huge burger munchin' after we had successfully lined our stomachs for the nights activities, we all bundled back to 'the strand' to get ready for a night on the town! 

After some champers and face painting we all made our way to Soho to dance the night away, All I can say is I am truly knackered and I now can't wait until Monday


Peace & Love From London


The London Diary: Day 3

The Day has Come, It's Time to make my LONDON FASHION WEEK debut

Currently sipping coffee in a hotel lobby with the run through under my belt, My nerves have thankfully calmed a little and now i'm more anxious and bloody EXCITED! Need to go get hair and Make Up Done, Will Post a picture on my page As soon as it's done for a SNEAK PEAK

Wish Me Well!



Friday, 16 September 2011

The London Diary: Day 2

So I arrived, I survived the train and ran as quickly as I could away from that horrible man! 

Today, Was spent at Somerset House, I was summoned to hours of Getting my Picture taken by the weird and wonderful! From bloggers to press, For all you non fashionistas, Somerset House is where it's AT! The heart of London Fashion Week Where all the biggest shows are watched in awe. Anyone who is SOMEONE is there for shows or exhibitions. LOT'S OF CELEB SPOTTING TO BE DONE

It was quite dawnting at first but I got into the swing of it and 4 outfit changes later, I was KNACKERED! Being interviewed/Posing my socks off for ELLE, COSMO, VOUGE RUSSIA writers and photographers was THEE HIGHLIGHT OF THE DAY. Now let's all hope they get published as at LFW everyone seems to be going wild and making sure they look the craziest! I definetly stood out in The beautiful Obscure Couture dresses/shorts,skirts! 

After that we went to an amazing mexican restraunt for some majour grub munching! NOM NOM NOM Everyone was dead on there feet and had absaloutely no chat, pretty rare at a table full of girls! So after we filled our bellies to the brim we grabbed a cab and hit the pillow!

Can I just say, I am FREAKING TERRIFIED for tomorrow
Hopfully my nerves calm over night

Peace & Love From London

Thursday, 15 September 2011

The London Diary: Day 1

So, as some of you may or may not know, I thought that my London adventure started on Friday at 13.40pm, This was the time I in fact ASSUMED I was leaving my home turf, But in actual fact I was completely and utterly WRONG. Fail on my part. 

Thursday morning, I am a bag of nerves. I wake Un settled and restless, going over and over falling off the runway in my head! Normally I am more excited about shows as they are such a BUZZ! BUT London Fashion Week is a different ball game… I'm sure you will agree. Normal to feel what can't be described in any other way than TERRIFIED. I had the whole day planned, It was my Pre London Prep day, meaning nails hair waxing & packing! So, I started my day off with a much needed nerve settling latte, then got a manicure, met my Mum for another coffee refuel. After my mum had to go back to work I though it would be best to run to central and buy my young persons rail card so I'm all set for Friday, whilst waiting in line I hear a huge "LAUREEENNN" I ignored it at first as I was makeup-less and in a total rush to make my hair appointment. After the 2nd I turned round & It was Obscure Couture's dearest Lyndsay. After a second of disbelief, Reality sunk in and I realised that I WAS MEANT TO BE LEAVING FOR LONDON in 20 mins instead of 24hrs and 20 mins. 


So I got myself together, Got myself home & Started the mammoth task of packing for 10 days in London.

& After I had a few serious words with myself, I got a grip & I made the 16.40pm train! Where I'm currently sitting in coach E feeling like a farm animal crushed into truck travelling to wales. I swear to god i've never been on a train so busy! I thought I had totally blagged 2 seats to myself until a kind man grunted to me and pointed to where my bag was sitting quite comfy, I could only assume he meant please can you move your bag miss, I am still waiting on a polite word from the DICK. & He's watching this weird movie that I can only hope he has made himself it's so bad, continuously feeling it appropriate to PISS HIMSELF laughing every 2 mins.


But apart from the unpleasant SMELL that is perched quite greedily over both of our seats. I am fine & well and on route to LONDON FASHION WEEK BABY. Even 5 hours next to HIM will not get me down. Thankfully virgin train has invested in the option of Wi - Fi! So I can write this & equally as important, downloaded Sex in the City from Itunes to calm me down.

Just wanna say a HUMONGOUS Thank You to everyone wishing me well in LFW I promise I will try my hardest to do you all proud.

Write Again Soon
Peace & Love

p.s Totally just realised DICK is no doubt reading every word i've just written. 
Double SHIT

Painting Faces

Yes, there is a theme going on at Wannabe She the past two days, HAVE YOU NOTICED? I have been busy interviewing a few of my favourite people in the industry, all of which I have worked with or am going to! I will be doing the same in LONDON, Full on grilling's for all 4 of the photographers i'm working with! Gives you an even bigger insight into my life and who i'm hangin' with or working for! Makes it a little bit more interesting for EVERYONE and the bonus I don't have to ramble on about myself constantly!

I give to you Ms Jak Morgan

Jak can you tell everyone WHAT YOU DO?

I paint faces.

 How did you first have the notion to PAINT FACES?

Makeup has always been a huge love of mine but it didn't occur to me to make it a career until around 5 years ago. I signed up for a makeup course while already at uni (glutton for punishment!) and knew straight away there's nothing else I'd rather do. So after I finished my degree went to London to do a course at London College of Fashion and haven't stopped since!

 Can you share some of the milestones with us?

My first shoot for the Herald was a massive deal for me, especially as they let me loose straight away to paint one of their writers as Gene Simmons from KISS!! Awesome fun. The photography in the magazine is beautiful and it's such a great team so every job with them is always amazing. Getting signed to Model Team was another great moment as they are such a well respected agency and have got me some incredible jobs. Working with Paolo Nutini was good fun and also Clare Maguire at this year's TITP festival. Shooting for Hello Magazine was fab. And of course being Beauty Editor for POSED magazine has been really fantastic, especially as we never imagined at the start it would have grown as much as it has, even in the short time it's been going! It's a great thing to be a part of and exciting to see how it will develop in the future.

What's been your favourite shoot so far?
There have been so many amazing and diverse jobs I've been lucky enough to be a part of! But possibly my favourite is a shoot I did with the Scottish National Ballet for the upcoming issue of POSED. Ballet is a massive love of mine and getting to work with these beautiful girls (and boys) and watch them dance all day was maybe the best day at work of all time!

Do you still LOVE it?

More now than ever. I genuinely can't wait to get to work every day so I know how lucky I am.

What's your favourite brand?

Tricky, tricky, tricky question! I love different brands for different things and can't honestly say I have an absolute favourite. For foundations and concealors my favourites are Chanel or Laura Mercier, for great enhancing products it would be Clarins and I really love Illamasqua, Bobbi Brown and NARS. But, maybe unsurprisingly, the majority of products in my kit are MAC. They just make such great quality products you know you can rely on to last whether for a photoshoot or a fashion show or even a night out! And pretty much any shade of lipstick or blush or pigment you can think of, they will have created. Add in all the different mixing mediums, the possibilities are endless. The MAC Pro stores are genuinely one of my favourite places in the whole world and I could easily lose days in there!

Favourite product?
This is even trickier!! If I could only have one product from my kit it would probably be my Make Up Forever 12 Flash Color Case. It's a mix of greasepaints that can be used all over to create a whole look from something subtle to OTT dramatic! Other than that it would actually be my brushes... I'm a bit addicted to buying makeup brushes and have a huge collection. One time I thought I'd lost them at a job and had a FULL-ON panic attack!!!

What's the plans for the future?  

WORLD DOMINATION!!! Haha. I love fashion and beauty and hope to always  work within this industry but music is a strong passion of mine as well so I definitely want to keep working with artists and get more involved in music videos and the touring side of things.

Jak is not only a talented a make up artist SHE IS SO MUCH MORE and with a heart of gold she is a total keeper in my life. She's completely mastered my face, what looks good and bad, this is ideal as I'll HAVE to use her a lot more on my shoots DAMM! It's a hard life! 


Big Love For Ms Morgan, a TRUE Scottish Talent
I've said it Once & I'll Say it Again
Jak Morgan You Rock My World/Face

Just a Smidgen of The Wonderful Jak's Handy Work. For more, Like Her Facebook page or visit her website!



It's Ten 30 Bitches

Said by the man himself Mr Alan Moore of Ten30. "IT'S TEN30 BITCHES!" After being asked to walk at his show in October (you will need to wait a little longer to find out the nitty gritty of who what where when) & With him owing me a dance in our favourite thursday night destination COMMON AS MUCK I thought I would take full advantage and put the up and coming but equally award winning designer UNDER MY GRILL.

Mr Ten30

& So the grilling commenced....

Ten 30 - Interesting Name, WHY WHAT WHO WHEN? How did you come up with it and is there a meaning behind it?

 The name ten30 comes from my days in first year textiles at Glasgow School of Art. On a class trip to London I shared a room, number 1030, with 4 other students, a fellow textiler, a graphic designer, an illustrator and a film maker. We each shared ideas and ethos of art and design and when coming back to Glasgow we put on our first collective exhibition of work under the title of "1030 collective" When I started out on my own, ten30 seemed like an appropriate name.

If you could categorise yourself in the fashion industry where would you place?

 Ten30 is all about fast fashion with designer quality, both in craftsmanship and design aesthetic. We use the highest quality materials to make our garments and each element of the design are carefully considered.

Who is your target market?

Our target market are women who understand quality, craftsmanship and design in fashion. We put so much time and effort into creating stories and concepts around the garments and the people who buy ten30 are people who buy into the whole brand, our romantic ideas and themes as much as the look and fit of the clothes.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

 I am personally inspired by the 50's and 60's and this is usually reflected somewhere in my work, not always deliberately. Having a background in textiles, I am inspired by patter, colour and textures, a lot of influence comes from films and books, but I'm always really inspired by women, strong female characters usually feature somewhere in my work.

Out of everything you've designed? Whats your favourite piece?

There are a few pieces that I'm especially pleased with, some of the prints and embroidery in the Plissken collection and the coat I made for New York. But the new collection has a lot of pieces that I'm very fond of. They show my progression and maturity as a designer and that's something I'm always trying to achieve.

Whats the plans for the future?

 Immediate plans for the future are to launch the new collection, open the online shop and start researching for the next collection.

Have you got anything in the pipeline you can share exclusively with us!?

I can't say too much, but the new collection, in collaboration with Harris Tweed, will be launching in October and we have a very exciting project lined up for December, that's all you're getting!

What do you look for in models to showcase your creations?

Each collection or project we do, is different from the last, and that is reflected in every aspect of showcasing the final product. In that sense, each model has to be different for each project. The Plissken collection was all about strong, powerful imagery and that was represented in the fierce model we used. In contrast, the new collection is all about vulnerability, naivety and innocence so we needed someone who fit that.

Whats the BIG Dream?
 The big dream is to make ten30 into an internationally recognised brand, to continue to work as we do but on a much larger scale.
What gets you through the blood sweat and tears?

 As everyone in this industry knows, there literally is blood, sweat and tears, but the moment the garments are finished and you see the whole collection come together and you see your vision realised through the clothes, kind of makes it all worth it. I love fashion and textiles and to make something that people love is a great feeling. 

Above is Ten30's designs in past collections. I am so excited about his new stuff, I really think he's going to BRING IT even further. Possible?

Tres Excited about the Show, Let it be FABULOUS
You'll Rock It, Hard Work Pays Off Darling
& You Deserve it

Peace & Love