Monday, 19 September 2011

London Diaries: Day 5

With a 12pm Call Time at time at the show today being held at Browns Courtrooms, Everyone met for morning coffee at 11pm and because I knew I was modelling I got an even longer lie than everyone else, as I didn't need to blow dry and straighten my hair or slap the slap on! So bare faced I had to stroll along with the beautifully done up girls, Really doesn't bother me wearing no make up, because I am normally covered in the stuff on shoots any chance I get I am without make up! (All you poor people that have to see the real me! Maybe this is why everyone is surprised when they find out I model?) Plus I got longer in bed RESULT! 

We arrived at Browns courtrooms and it was straight into fittings, There was 4 other designers showing so it was mayhem! I sat quietly comfy on a chair as I always knew what I was wearing but throughout the day was asked by ALL of the other designers to walk for them. MASSIVE YASS! Instead of 1 I was going to be doing 5, BUT when I was getting fitted for one of the shows, They couldn't use me as the clothes didn't fit, I was in fact, TOO SKINNY!! Best reason EVER RIGHT?

Let The Fittings COMENCE! 

After getting over the panic of will they wont they fit, I was sorted, Walking in 4/5 shows, How the hell that happened I don't know but was chuffed to bits nonetheless! Opening and closing the show for one designer and walking 3 times for Obscure! I felt what could only be described as over whelmed! We were sat down and put straight to hair and make up! My MUA and Hair guys were bloody lovely and I loved the simplicity of the outcome!

Above is the Make up and Hair brief, Look IT'S ME!

I was more nervous for these shows FOR SURE! Much more pressure as I had people I knew in the crowd! My friend Leeann Soki Mak (scroll down to read the interview I did with her if you haven't already) with her friend & music producer Blue Bear & My dad came down from Manchester to show his support! Totally wish everyone from home could have been there to share the experience with me but in actual fact I felt so much pressure with only these 3 in the crowd never mind all you lot!

The Show was actually AH-MAZING. Best Runway Experience of my Life

I opened the last show for Obscure Couture with this FUCK YOU number, they wanted to set the tone and they certainly did, all the oooing and aaaing when I turned round and pointed and the remark stitched into the back of the garment! 

Backstage was MENTAL! Sweaty Shouty MENTAL-NESS & instead of wearing 3 Garments for the last show, I wore 5. Obscure Couture tend to make clothes to fit children! They definitely starve the mannequin they use to measure model size as it's freaking tiny! The other models were slim Jims but a few pieces just wouldn't fit on other models so, quite gladly I stepped in! BUT and there is a HUGE but, after trying to squeeze the girls into the clothes at the fittings, one of the zips burst on one of the dresses, It was fixed, but then broke again. MID WALK. I'm not kidding, I was walking and just suddenly felt this waft of air in my dress, I was thinking to myself no freaking way this dress is wide open at the side and everyone can see my ugly nude thongs. SHIEEETT MAN SHIT. But ever the professional, I held the dress and my dignity together with my arm and got through it.

After the show, it was WINE & CHAMPAIGN time! And since the dad's were buying we were fully celebrating! Such fun times and toasts galore! As if my night couldn't get better the girl that runs the show itself, came up to me and the Obscure Couture girls SUPER excited, raving about OB's collection and how they stole the show, then out of no where, started telling me (without sounded like a total dick) that she was really impressed, she said at first she was like I don't remember that girl in the casting, then realised I was obscure's and the more I came on the more excited she was to see me walk. BIGGEST COMPLIMENT EVER

& Then We Partied


Fuzzy Picture of Me & My Dad Being Driven to Regent Street

Leeann Walking to the TOILETS in Sketch This Place was IN SANE

Blue Bear Leeann Liam My Dad & I

We Took Our Champers With Us

On The Bike, Stacy Jenn & I



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