Sunday, 18 September 2011

London Diaries: Day 4

Last night we partied hard-ish and thankfully we got to have a long lie! Me & 3 of the other girls decided to wonder into Oxford Street and Spitalfields for a SHOP!

& That's what we did we even wondered right down to brick lane! Now currently in a cafe myself taking some time out to breathe a little. Sometimes, I love coming to London because you can just be yourself and do your own thing and the only thing people are generally bothered about is if you are in their way! But that can give you too much thinking time, and too much is never good! I've kind of stressed myself out a little! Scared myself with the amount I have to do this week and I'm stressing about tomorrow's show, because everyone keeps telling me 'it's the big one'

I'm going to try sleep it off
La Need's To MAN UP!

Peace Love & Skinny Lattes 


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