Friday, 27 May 2011

No Expectations

The plan of joining new Gym was a FAIL. My Gran was over and made the best home cooked dinner EVA so I felt like a total pie after my 3rd serving. Gym was a no go, so feet were up, and The Apprentice was banged up onto the big screen, comfies were on ready for a snuggle with Mum, then, my phone rings and It's Usi K, I actually just missed it but with the immediate call back I knew then there was something going down. "Hello? everything ok?" .. "Yea L.A, how long do you take to get ready.?" "What are you talking about Usi" "Can you be ready in 15mins and in a taxi" "Er yeah ok?!" So I ran upstairs whilst bbm'ing him to see what the hell was going on. Then in usual Usi style, "La when I said get ready I mean you have to be an 11 out of 10 ready." I knew this is unrealistic at the best of times so was aiming for a mear 6 out of 10 as I had 10 mins to get into a taxi. Pijama's swapped for a play suit and slippers swapped for stiletto's I was in the taxi. Still not really sure what was going on. Usi called hurrying me up, of course. Then filled me in on why what who when..


Not how I was planning on spending my night. But these unplanned nights always turn out the best. We got to the Barrowlands and even though I'm partial to a gig I've never actually been down that neck of the woods. We got there, and whilst waiting for a ticket to appear out of an envelope, out falls an AAA pass. Access All Areas. Yeah I know, was knew to me too. So still figuring out how the hell I got here, following the crowd not really realising where we were going. When I could see and hear the crowds to be honest I was more interested in where the bar was, Then realised that we were in fact standing at our seats, ON STAGE. wow wow wow wow. I can't even describe in words how good they were and only like 2 steps away!! 

About an hour into the set, everything got way too hot, we were all jumping about like 5 year olds when the tour manager suddenly appeared kinda flapping about, we realised that he was actually looking for a hair bobble of all things? Luckily I had one close to reach. All three dj's have kinda Long hair as far as guys go, so sweat and hair isn't a good combo, the hair bobble was for them. YES, THIS MEANS STEVE ANGELLO WAS WEARING MY HAIR BOBBLE. It kinda made my night, how sad right?

Back stage, we made friends with who I thought were lucky mother fuckers like us, but once out of the noise and getting some fresh air discovered it was Steve Angello's brother, one the warm up acts! AN21 & Max Vangeli! They had to leave for the next venue - The Arches, we followed not not after with a quick pit stop at the Corinthian. AAA barrowlands apparently meant AAA in the Arches too. So we danced the night away, not stopping for hours, Backstage! After Swedish House Mafia's Steve Angello had daringly stage dived 3 times into his loving Glaswegian fans, played another 3 hour set, they jumped off and let AN21 & Max on.

I think I covered everything? So Thank you Disco Stu & Usi K for such a wonderful time with amazing company. BOOM. Now that is what I call a night out.

Surviving, - JUST - In work today, Had so much to be getting on with so kept FOCUSED. Obviously had to choose to go out on the School night where I was not only working the next day but had a long shoot straight after? So Yes. After work. I am Shooting with  photographer Derrick Argent and make up artist Kaeleigh Wallace. While we're at it giving Hayley Ross a helping hand with getting some Jewellery she's designed photographed! So it's ALL GO.

No Rest
For The Wicked

Peace Love & Sleepless Nights
Sometimes, IT'S WORTH IT.
& In This Case
I think SLEEP WHEN YOUR DEAD applies

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Natural Highs Baby

So Gym was a total success yesterday, a very sweaty success. I no sweat is a 'disgusting' thought, But isn't that was you go to the gym to do? I have a certain hate (which I have mentioned before) for girls that wear make up to the gym. WHY WHY WHY? I know make up covers up our insecurities but surely we are at the gym to improve what we can and work our ass's off? Not wear fake tan fake eyelashes hair extensions and paint make up on. I'm sorry but its all sorts of WRONG babes. 

So yes, my make-up-less, no fake tan, no fake eyelashes, no fake hair Gym session, well, I SMASHED it and came out buzzing about life, Working out produces a chemical in your body called Endorphins which ultimately gives you a natural high! Love Natural Highs.

So after I got over my excitement, I met beautiful Rebecca for our film date, to find that in fact, being Orange Wednesday & the end of the month (aka when everyone's skint so Orange Wednesday becomes pretty essential) It was sold out, so we jumped in the car and went to the quay instead. I don't think either of us took a breathe once! We had so much to talk about. So that's what we did, right up until we were seated to watch the movie. Which was fabulous, I would recommend to all. WATER FOR ELEPHANTS people - winner! RR & I shouted at the screan a few times with legs vibrating with this tense atmosphere we had in fact created by being such freaks. It was such a tiny room too, I'm sure as always we made a lasting impression.

On the drive home we talked at each other for another hour before admitting defeat and heading to bed. Girl, we are riding that wave together. CRINGE after date texts made my day.

So my quiet week with modelling has turned into a busy one towards the end! I have 2 shoots now. A late one tomorrow night, very excited about that, then a more natural stripped back one on Saturday - equally excited for! Just before I hop skip and jump down to Manchester. Meetings on Monday. Hello nerves.

I am tonight, joining a new Gym
With a new Obsession with Health
I guess its better than some of my Old Obsessions?!

So, Until Tomorrow
Peace & Love


Feels like forever ago! One of my favourite memories of when I first started! Abi is one of my favourite models to work with, she's with model team in Glasgow and set for big things. Catherine Crowe, a make up artist I had been using on many of my shoots did make up and Rainbow Rooms did the hair. Fiona Taylor was the photographer and Lindsay was the stylist! 

On the shoot when Catherine was bending over sorting out her kit, Me being me pointed out how huge her knockers had gotten, it was then when she told me she was in fact 8 months pregnant. Poor Catherine had been logging around Glasgow with me on about 6 shoots prior to this one, I am usually so observant, I swear! I didn't make her work again after that I promise  

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

HOT Date

So, Last nights chill out turned into CLEAN OUT. I faced up to my not getting out of control, totally out of control room. I'm not a messy person, but when I'm in a rush, being neat goes out the window. Along with half of my wardrobe or whatever lipstick I'm trying to find being thrown around my room! So After watching maybe, 6 episodes of S&TC. I cleaned it up. How good are clean sheets? Bed felt amazing & I slept like a baby.

Today, I am writing on my lunch break as plans are Gym straight after work then my first HOT DATE in weeks, yes you heard it hear first. Pitty my date is not a male. Its in fact my newly returned Friend Rebecca Ross, fellow model & blogger, who has in fact been in KENTUCKY? for uni since JANUARY! We're hitting cineworld for a bit of Robert Pattinson and then Starbucks for a catch up on her trip abroad. 

So Inaa, Sweat, Robert then Coffee.


This was a few pictures from 2 shoots me & Rebecca have done together, round about this time last year we got together then again In July. Both times Brian Hayes was our photographer. I love the outcome of both shoot and one of the photos was used for a Club Flyer for a night ran in Glasgow. Time for a remake? ...

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

New Additions

This week I have a pretty quiet week with modelling! But its all go at INAA. Taking this week to get a reign on my life, sort my world out and get ready for pay day on Friday! I am down in Manchester on Sunday to finally meet my new sibling. If I get down that is, Ash cloud may be gone but is set to return at the end of the week. GREAT! but Yes we are welcoming another little Andrew into the world. Murphy Andrew (how cool?) I think full World Domination is possible with 5 of us. Nice balance of 3 girls 2 boys, WATCH OUT! 

(how beautiful are YOU?)

Then Monday I have some business to attend to while I'm down south. Won't say to much, don't want to jinx myself, just wish me luck & keep your FINGERS CROSSED. 

Tonight's plans are simple. Sex & The City marathon, Bath & Bed.

Peace Love & Carrie Bradshaw

Monday, 23 May 2011


Maybe its because I am an emotional person, But before you watch this video, get some tissue's at the ready. I balled my eyes out.

I just caught this video posted last night, WOW WOW WOW. But it's got me thinking, She's the most famous woman in the world. but still has class and such talent - she holds her own and is ever evolving. I think its so important for women to feed off each others passion, and while singing's not mine, being successful and true to myself IS. She is a true inspiration to all. And I think everyone should learn a little - RAISE THE BAR, SET NEW STANDARDS, STAY GROUNDED & BE BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE

Peace & Love

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Another Day, Another Dollar

Today was CRUISE, and I think I have finally mastered the 'nack' for retail. Well, for a few hours on a Saturday at least. Although its only a few hours they sometimes feel like the longest of my life. But, with DJ on our floor blasting out TUNES all day on Saturday, It is actually pretty enjoyable. I love the people that work there, so, No more moaning about working every day of my life, as I should just enjoy it. PLUS, I was star pupil on my floor, sales sales sales.

Tonight is Party night & I will be taking a day off blogging as I'M OFF ON SUNDAY, and planning on being extremely hungover. Alcohol - Its been a while

Peace Love & Shining

This video doesn't get old, from one of my favourite brands WILDFOX, a Fashion Video at its finest.

Friday, 20 May 2011

Friday Feeling

Last nights show went smoothly and Tatiana's Hat's looked Beautiful. Well done to all involved!

Today, I woke up with a belly full of NERVES. Yes, I was nervous about a shoot. So many ifs & buts running around my head. But after a few snaps I got into it and FINALLY felt like myself again. BOOM BOOM BOOM. Such a good team behind me, Jak - one of my new Favorite's, Iain - we finally got to shoot together & I smell lots more to come and another new addition Paul Smith. Stylist and all round wonder man. Nice way to end the working week, although I have work tomorrow too, just for all you slackers aka normal human beings that get to enjoy your freaking weekends. Yes, I am, without a doubt Green with envy. 

Tonight I've had a quiet one with my girls, cinema and bath. I now have a 1,000 word article to write for a magazine, with a deadline of Tomorrow. So I better get to it.

Hopefully my weekend with be fun filled after my shift at Cruise, I'm sure there will be lots to report.

Peace Love & More Love

LA IS BACK (officially)


Thursday, 19 May 2011

Just In

Location: Australia
Photographer: Aaron Wayne McPolin
Hair: Simone Lee
Make Up: Ady Grader
Styling: Lauren Boyle
Nail Technician: Amanda Mcpolin


(In Every Sense of the Word)

Last night's Gym session was Sweaty and BRUTAL. Man, I'm so unfit, how can this be in only 4 weeks not training? GUTTED, but determined to sort it out. So much so, my addictive personality shines through as usual and I was back getting my sweat on at 8AM this morning, Yes, before work. Since I smashed work yesterday, I am going to make it a must that I do it EVERYDAY. I should be doing this anyway, which I do to a certain extent, lets just say I wanna be pupil of the century & INAA over achieve-ER - Geek it up. 

So work today is quiet we are moving office. As, a few of the main players at INAA are off to the big smoke as of June. Yes, this means I will be moving to London for the foreseeable future. BOOM BOOM BOOM. Exactly what I need, a new challenge. This is not a permanent move, More semi permanent. So London, you better be ready. (because I'm not)

Tonight its the Fashion Show. Butterflies in my tummy. LOVE that feeling, or maybe its because I've not eaten yet? I have my Special K at the ready I just have to make (which seems like a disgusting..) Journey down two flights to the Kitchen within our office, 2 flights? I know, I can't walk the length of myself, what can I say. Guilty as charged!

Another bit of good news, IONA BOYLE, one of my oldest bestest friends returns to Glasgow for the summer before her move to Manc, which is also ideal as ones Father lives here. 2 Birds One Stone = Thank you Manchester. She's been away galavanting the world in places such as India and Australia, not so much of a hop skip n jump away. 

Anyway, Tomorrow I will have a photo update of how tonight went, Wish me luck and here's hoping I break a Leg, in the theatre sense.

Peace Love & Catwalks

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Fresh Start

So my fresh start apparently started today instead of the planned start of the week. I have had such an amazing day POSITIVITY PEOPLE. I have to say, I deserve a total pat on the back from the boss's @ INAA as I smashed it in work today. Innovative Thinking from la, forward planning and general HARD WORK and wow does it feel good. Hard work is really the most rewarding thing.

But today I felt different like, COME ON LA. Pick your wee self up and get on with it. Do better than you ever planned to a live your fucking life! So last night I had a total early night, left my phone downstairs and slept like a baby. Woke today, showered, sorted out my (slightly getting out of hand) room and bounced into the car for the drive to work! Another change today I packed my GYM bag for the first time in about 4 weeks now. & I was kind of de motivated half way through the day but now? BUZZING for a right good SWEAT. and who would have thought yesterday I would be smiling from ear to ear about working out. I'm telling you someone's messing with my former head to who ever you are THANK THE FUCKING LORD. I'm on top, haha I wish no I mean I'm on top of all my cyber stuff, My Facebook page, my Tumblr, My twitter and now my Blog. 

Tomorrow, fashion show WOOPA. My first modelling gig in 3 weeks. I bogged about it on Monday but I don't think you actually understand how excited I am about wearing one of these amazing dresses and head pieces! Wait till you see the photos then you may understand? I usually hate getting hair and make up done but I'm also excited about sitting on my ass and leaving it to the professionals! I will take some photos and videos and blog them Friday.

Tonight, its GYM SWEAT WORK IT OUT time. Tunes at the ready, kit - with me all I need is to hop skip n jump up there and do my thang, I'm actually quite knowledgeable in the gym, I use weights and everything. But to whip my bod into the best shape its ever been, I'm thinking of investing in a personal trainer. For gym purposes only people. Recommendations PLEASE. Also need a new gym to join, Think I might re join Virgin Active, OK to much talking not enough sweating

Peace Love & Working Out


Tuesday, 17 May 2011


My Favourite

Finish Line

On my mind today... 

All Good Things Come To an End, & Apparently all Shit Things Do To.

Peace Love & Full Stops.

Monday, 16 May 2011

She's Back.

It's been exactly 3 weeks and 1 day since my last proper blog, I'm not talking about my sick note posts, but since my last proper natter. So, I guess I'm well rested, feeling 1000x better and raring to go. Unfortunately over the past 3 weeks I've not been able to shoot, not once, I had plans of doing about 9 shoots and I had to cancel all of them, But sometimes health comes first & I guess my body just needed to do nothing (which I am in fact apparently rubbish at these days)

This week I am back at work in INAA, although I haven't been off, I've not been fully here either so I'm ready to get my teeth stuck into some grafting in all aspects of life, but especially INAA, buzzing about whats to come here.

I missed the fitting for ITA fashion show, but there are rehersals tomorrow which I WILL BE ATTENDING! On Thursday I have another fashion show, Beretk! Ah Millinery & Fascinators is Launching! Held at Leading Bridal Boutique Retailer in Scotland Eleganza Sposa on Bath Street (a shop I pass nearly every day, one I have gazed into since my days at the RSAMD, the wedding dresses are beyond beautiful, I can't describe to you how excited I am about wearing one!)  

I have a shoot on Friday afternoon with Mr Iain McInnes & Jak Morgan, one of the many shoots I had to cancel, but fortunately rescheduled, I'm really excited about it and feel ready to smash it again. I've weirdly never worked with Iain before but me and Jak worked together on the Obscure Couture shoot.. more to come on Friday

I'm sure my life will become more exciting once normality starts to kick in, but i'll still be blogging in between the excitement. I also plan on buying a video camera and instead of taking pictures taking videos. Yes this week, VIDEO. So anyone around me regularly get your game face on because its all lights camera action for here.

Peace Love & Here's To Feeling Better

This is a shoot that got published during my Time off, Not my usual look but I really like the way its turned out Its all about VERSATILITY BABY! These hat designs are in fact made by the designer I'm modelling for on Thursday at the fashion show Tatiana Ashakova. Photos by Scott McGinlay who actually turned out to be my old head masters son! GLASGOW IS TOO SMALL.


Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Tuesday, 3 May 2011


Ok. Guilty as charged. La has been a little unfocused on important things. I've done no Modelling or writing. Reason being, I'm sick. As you know I have been feeling CRAP for like 3 weeks now. Well it all caught up on me and I decided to take a week off, Unfortunately I was still working, BUT no blogs or shoots has helped. Looks like I'm going to have to take another few days off. But Back to blogging and Shooting on Sunday.

I have not forgotten

Peace & Love
from a sick wee la