Sunday, 24 April 2011

Obscure Couture

Today I feel SOUR. & When I say Sour I mean BITTER. I mean, I quit smoking, I've not been drinking, I go to the gym, Eat all the right stuff, WORK MY ASS OFF. Doing everything by the book and what's looked upon as being 'right' & I've never felt so ill, constantly all the time. I MEAN WHAT THE HELL? Being healthy clearly doesn't agree with me. 

But as always I have no time to be ill or consider a day off. Today I am modelling for Obscure Couture. I was privileged to wear one of their dresses at Nightwalk on Frday, and Now model for their online shop. Yes that right you can now purchase your own piece. WOOPA.

I got to the OB Studio/Workshop around 1pm. Where I was greeted by two of the warmest people in the buisness. Jenn and Lyndsey, Tea's and coffee's offered straight away. Charmers. Jak Morgan was doing make up, hair was a mohican crimped sensation, and make up was pinky! What a lovely girl Jak is, 1st time i've worked with her but I'm sure it won't be the last. CHAMP! The shoot itself went on for about 12 hours all in all. Long day especially when you feel worse than crap. But, solider La battled on. A delivery of Pizza helped, half way through the day an over load in carbs. I munched a whole pizza Myself. Well that's the healthy eating plan out the window then! After food I felt more energised, short term. After that coffee's got me through it.

I'm so excited to see the finished product. And to shoot Obscure Couture's new range in the next few weeks.

Girls You are GEM'S and really are set for WORLD DOMINATION.

Peace Love & Mohican's

Saturday, 23 April 2011


Guess what? My plan of sleeping was short lived, or short slept whatever way you wanna word it. LONG PEACEFUL SLEEP = FAIL.

I forgot for 2 seconds that I work every day of my life. Today is CRUISE. Just like every Saturday. Town is quiet and its raining. I got home a little bit early which made the day a little ore enjoyable. Alongside some BARGAIN shopping as its that time of the month where pay day hasn't quite arrived yet. DAMN

Another cinema Saturday. Early showing of Fast and Furious 5 (Fast Five) starring 3 of my FAVOURITES, Paul Walker, one of two male leads. Always had a soft spot for him. LOVE. Jordana Brewster (she is absolutely beautiful beyond words. More so on camera than in pictures. WOW) and Vin Diesel Perfect man. Everything you could want for. Hard man but Protective, Sexy Voice, Sexier Body. DING DANG DONG

Still a little Sick Baby
Off for a Spoon with Helly Kitty & Hot Water Bottle

Peace Love & Sweet Sweet Dreaming

Friday, 22 April 2011


Today is NIGHTWALK. A fashion show held at The Arches in Glasgow. With 140 pieces strutting down the catwalk on 30 Models. MAYHEM? Organised Mayhem more like. The make up was GLITTER. and my hair was an AFRO curtsey of Vidal Sassoon. The banter backstage was flowing, and wine helped our nerves. The show went so well and I loved every outfit I was given.

We got to the arches at 1pm and the show ended about 2am. = LONG ASS DAY. 

Obscure Couture Dress

Finale Walk with Designer from GSA


Pre Hair & Make Up

For Now & The Foreseeable Future I Will Be Sleeping
Peace Love and Nightmares


Thursday, 21 April 2011

Izara Maria

The beautiful & Talented clothes designer, Izara Maria, 22 years young, Italian blood,  Friend & Artist! nick named Drizzy. Came along for the ride with me and Levi, to style with her collection of clothes, This collection was in fact her 1st EVER? Made like 4 years ago? How amazing is that? Even now its so current. I love working with talented people it makes my life a hell of a lot easier. The three of us worked well with me trying to push the boundaries of SAFETY as usual. Not like me hanging off the side of buildings while Izara has a heart attack watching me. I love the outcome of the shoot, & Hope she does too. 

Levi - As always You are Amazing

Make up & Hair by Lauren O'donnell
Photography: Levi Macdonald 


So, after falling across a certain web page. It dawned on me. I'm so busy trying to prove I'm not just another wannabe, I don't pay attention to what's happening in the modelling world around 
me. I try not to read other peoples blog's either unless I know them and know that it's completely different, Its good to be inspired by YOU and not be influenced by other people's opinions.

So, I guess I'm going to tell you a story. I'm going to be as vague as I possibly can as I don't want to be done for slander. It's basically to WARN girls, and try and open everyone's eyes up to what's happening. I'm not good at being subtle so this may blow up in my face.

I was approached, about modelling about 5 months ago, by a certain someone. Asked to pop along and meet them in a Glasgow bar/restaurant, which I did. I took my Mum along with me. We sat and listened, the person had absolutely no experience in the industry, But knew of events, corporate events in Glasgow (still nothing to do with modelling) that if they 'represented you' then they would send you too. This would allow you to network with people and hopefully be discovered by someone. 'Right place at the right time' They were basically asking to be my agent. I could go on but that's the just of it. I'm quite clued up fortunately and knew this wasn't for me. My mum's alarm bells were ringing too. But for someone looking to 'break into' the industry and has no clue who to go to or how to go about it. This would sound like a pretty good idea? Being sent to London and wearing beautiful dresses. The answer is NO. This is not modelling and you are just as likely to be scouted on the street in fact more likely rather than at some corporate event. Modelling has a dangerous side, Something that is serious. You need to have your wits about you and think about your decisions. Questions you should ask yourself are 'Is this really going to benefit me?' 'Am I comfortable with this?' If it doesn't feel right then go with your gut. Another thing you should watch out for is 'Paying for your portfolio' This is a load of nonsense, a reputable agency will never ask you for money up front either. Girls. have a serious think before you get yourself into this industry. It's not as easy as everyone assume's. 

So Girls. Be sensible & safe.!
Don't quit your jobs. Stay in school and Uni, or Get a job, if you want to model go to an agency find out if they think you would get work, or do it the hard way, like me. But I wouldn't advice it.

Sorry if this post is harsh but its Reality. Modelling has become a bit of a joke here, everyone taking the piss out of it as every girl and their dog seems to be doing it.


Peace Love & Hard Work
Fingers Up to the BASTARDS


Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Lunchtime Sunshine

All jokes aside, I think i'm worn out.

But I manned up for a total of 20mins
Yes. some people get a lunch time facial, its been known for people to even get there boobs done on their lunch break. But even for me this was a 1st. Lunch time photo shoot in the sunshine!

Two beautiful girls greeted me out of the car, 1 by the name of Christina the other Christin. One from Germany covered in eye catching & wonderful tattoo's - fellow model Christin. And wonderful Christina the  photographer was a wam bam thank you mam session. Quick change in the locker rooms. dash out on the courts where we pretended to be Tennis Pro's posing in high heels, when I say heels mine were kitten heels and leggy Christin in platforms, Hardly fair i'm sure. 

Here's the Polaroids from today

Shoot to follow


Peace Love Tennis Balls & Blossom Trees

Tuesday, 19 April 2011


 I woke up such a happy bunny, went to the gym at 7AM, I know, horrendous & Got back to my house about 8, I have loads to do in work but also have 2 shoots so to make the time up I worked for 4 hours prior to the shoot to save stress or guilt for neglecting

Tantrum is the name of 1 of the magazine's I was shooting for today, what a beautiful day to shoot! We met on Victoria road right next to Queens park for Hair & Make up. The make up look was minimal make up with pastel colours through it. So I had green eyes and coral lips. My fringe was down and hair was messy! After everything was done. Nina the make up artist left us too it. 1st location was Queens cafe, undoubtedly the best Ice cream shop in Glasgow. So I insisted for the benefit of the photograph I had a ice cream as a prop. YUM. After Queens cafe, we walked into queens park and shot in another four different locations. A bowling green, a coliseum type area, UP A TREE, and Outside a fruit market. So yes, I did actually just say up a tree, which I infact got stuck up! A random park wonder'r was minding his own buisness when out I yelp 'Excuse me mr, yes you, I'm stuck up this tree! Can you PLEASE help me get down' (below me was a bush, with Sharpe branches in it) the guy responded 'Are you kidding?' I can't imagine what my face was like at this moment, a picture let just say 'Does it look like i'm Joking?' Me thinking this is the most logical thing I had said all day when really its probably the weirdest thing he's been asked to do in a park! I hope! THANK YOU KIND HELP ME DOWN TREE MAN. 

After the shoot, the editor of the magazine myself and Kirstin the photographer went to re fuel in a place called Go Slow, coolest little lunch place I've been to in a while. I had a croissant with butter and Jam and a bowl of soup! Well deserved! In between this and the next shoot I popped into my office to catch up on some work again. Soon it was 6pm and time for the next shoot. 1 magazine down, 1 more to go..

I was asked to shoot the front cover of the Glasgow Beauty Guide about 3 weeks ago, Tanina the editor also wants me to showcase my writing and write a big piece for the magazine. So I'll talk you through both. The shoot went well, It was such a long day but like to think I was professional through out and made everyone laugh (at me not with me) The team included, photographer Lindsay Docherty, MUA (I got to choose someone I had worked with before & recommend) Sarah Vieira Da Cruz, Hair by Paolo Andreuchetti and Tanina the editor on wardrobe. It was a very smiley, posed, grinning, happy, girl next door shoot. As you can imagine it took me a little bit to get into, How do I smile? 2nd part still to come is the article, My brief for it is, a behind the scenes glimpse of the modelling industry, good and bad. How girls don't have to choose between Being smart and being pretty. I have to write about myself and my life, my blog and of course whats next. So watch out for it. Published on the 1st of June. I better get writing

The shoot wrapped up about 11pm over in the west end and my god am I happy to see my bed. 

Over and Out
Peace Love & 40 Winks



Monday, 18 April 2011


Today, because tomorrow I have 2 Magazine Shoots. All I've done is work at INAA, I am now leaving work and its 8.45pm. & going to the G.Y.M

My day doesn't really make an interesting read so I will leave my chit chat for a more worthy post tomorrow

Wish Me Luck

Peace Love & SWEATING

I miss being WILD somtimes

Sunday, 17 April 2011


I Can Resist Everything But Temptation
Oscar Wilde - You Said It

Don't you LOVE it when your trying to not eat Junk, cakes and all things NICE & Your lovely family. On a Sunday pop round to see Mum. & Bring bags full of cakes, cake bars, cream, crisps...You get the picture?
Well you can imagine how today has gone.

All i've done is.


Whilst watching my favourite, SEX IN THE CITY & actually a new movie that I purchased on my rampage in  HMV The September Issue - Amazing. 

I feel like I'm about to POP
On that note.

I love you all
like I love cake. 


Saturday, 16 April 2011

Make It Happen

Things are starting to look up on the modelling front.
I could tell you all why what who when BUT I really don't want to jinx it.

It's funny. People are funny, I've started to realise that everyone's just in it for themselves. Well I've always known that, but it's just become a whole lot clearer with certain people. They expect so much and give nothing back. Well quite frankly I'm done.

Town was quite today which meant so was Cruise. Still managed to find a few Cinderella's there slippers. As in. New shoes for our customers. I love working in menswear, In fact. Wait for it. I love my little shift in Cruise, the people the shop and just the environment. CRUISE DAFT..  NEVER thought I would work in retail, But now I do (kind of)
I love it. 

Tonight its Wagamama's & Cinema again to see Limitless.

Last night - Lincoln Lawyer - AMAZING. My boy smashes it again. Great movie - Highly recommend it

Peace Love & Miso Soup


Photographer: Grant Alexander McDonald
MUA: Sarah Vieira Da Cruz

Friday, 15 April 2011


Work it? Holly Hell WORK IT! I'm work'd OUT
Who's Idea was it I got 1,000 (- 996) Jobs?


Friday is here and for most of you this means THE WEEKEND? Partying. Sleep? Pretty much anything that takes your fancy? For me It means work. FAN-FREAKIN-TASTIC

It's my new thang. Tragic in itself but I seem to be quite attached to my newly claimed word

Tonight, is Mummy night. Dinner and Cinema

Film of Choice
Man of My Dreams (1 of)

Need to Dash
Peace Love & Popcorn

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Wannabe She


Wannabe She's. Models and Pouters. Calling all Considering or Current Models
 Preparation: Being a model isn't all about being tall (coincidently) You have to be the whole package. People are looking for personality, great skin, teeth and hair. To be booked people have to like you. So no DIVA attitudes. If you want it, Go for it.


Thick skin is essential., take negatives and make them positives if someone says NO. Make that the word that  makes you more determined! NO? I'll show you. This was exactly my attitude although i'm still in the process of proving them wrong. Hard work. Do you know what..


Concentrate on YOU. what type of modelling is for you? What type can you be at the top of your game with? High Fashion? Commercial or Glamour?
When making this decision, Take into consideration the facts? Big boobs, great body and less than 5.8'? Safe bet is Glamour. I mean there is no obvious choice for my choice in modelling, I have just made my portfolio as versatile and diverse as I possibly could. And well It's getting there, Slowly but surely. Make no mistakes, The last 11months I have been a determined little model, Put myself out there and only now starting to be recognised not just as 'Just Another Wannabe' It takes time, but if its what you want then surely its worth the wait. 

Check List
Sleep - seriously will do you the world of good for skin and attitude
Drink Loads of Water/Green Tea
Eat what you want but if you eat crap - get your ass in the gym. Models are expected to be in 'good' shape. So whatever 'good' is to you? Make sure its the best it can be.
Your reputation is key: 
Timekeeping - being late is unacceptable.


I still have learner plates on too with this looking after yourself malarkey.

Hope this Can be of Some Help
God Loves a Tryer


THEE Wannabe She

Photo by Dave Fallon

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Come Away With Me

Come Away With Me - Chilled out, Beautiful Love Song

So on that note, Today has been busy and I don't think I've felt this tired in a long time. Its really starting to catch up with me, I think my body's readjusting to not having me fill it with Cakes, bread of any form, sweets and then of course If you have sweet it has to be followed with savory? and the cycle doesn't stop until all cakes sweets crisps and bread are out of sight. Even though I've quit smoking through choice, I was definitely eating more than usual, So once I got over the initial shock of not doing anything with my hands, stepped away from the junk food and thought about it. I mean If I want to take what I do seriously then surely I have to care about what I'm putting into my body. So as the next few weeks are manic with shoots I though I would seriously give the health kick a go. 3 days in and I want 10 cakes. Hopefully this will pass! 

I've had a few emails about girls that want to start modelling. Tomorrow my blog is for you. Titled INVEST IN YOURSELF its taken me this long to wake up and smell the coffee so hope it helps all you fellow WANNABE SHE'S 

I have a quick shoot with Friend's Grant Alexander McDonald and Sarah Vieira Da Cruz

Dream Time.
Peace Love & Carrots


Tuesday, 12 April 2011

The Key

BUZZING isn't even the word.

Today. I had a 10am with Tanina who is running the Scottish Beauty Guide. She has approached me about Being on the front cover and writing an article in the new magazine that will be distributed throughout the country. Compliment in itself. When being informed that the launch party was in fact my birthday (24thh of June get it in your diaries) me being a diva,  I simply requested that I didn't have to work and mingle on my birthday. Date changed! Front cover shoot on Tuesday evening! Shall write and let you know how it went. Love how much input i'm getting to have. Alpha females who appreciate creativity from fellow alpha females is so refreshing.

After that it was all go in the Bath street INAA office. I write the blog too, But have been seriously neglecting it so, after some standard marketing and I.T tasks, I then nurtured the poor blog. As in wrote it! At about 4.30pm me and JOSI, my driving instructor/boss haha Dashed over to the bank and then decided to take on the streets of pollokshields, even did a hill start (I think) Theory's booked. Road I've told you watch out I have the itch for freedom. 

Tonight. At the blyswood square private cinema room, Myself and Joanne experienced a taster to The Key to health wealth and happiness. I LOVE IT. Its all based on a book called the secret. Focusing on energy and positivity in your life whether it  be Love, business or personal. It  might sounds lame but Its amazing both me and Jossie were buzzing after it. So much so we took a run up to the Fort and bought new diary's and books (for planning our lifes) which then turned into HMV frenzy purchasing Rihanna's loud album, Jessie J, Marianne Faithful, Norah Jones, Lil Wayne Fleetwood Mac and 3 Alicia Keys albums. Alongside The dvd 'The September issue' As you can see I have a very UNdiverse music taste... Actually probably the most eclectic music selection for an 18 year old. EVER. We're going on a full day course on Sunday for the Key and I cannot wait.

Loving Life
Excited for the Future
Tomorrow's Not that Far Away and I need to Sleep

Peace Love and Energy

Shoot above, December 2010 just before I left for Australia. With fellow 'up and coming' Artist singer songwriter Steven Cusick. Also known as Cusick Jnr. After going to his showcase myself and Steven decided to put together a shoot that could be used for press and both our websites. I styled the shoot my side and Steven did his. The beautiful location and snowy day really worked well, I was trying to tell a story. Its really hard working with a male unless your oiled up and in underwear. It can look so wrong, But I think it works. I tried to base it on a song Steven wrote called "no more L.A"  Myself and Steven are working again together on Friday so thought it was appropriate to post this shoot now! All to be revealed soon enough..

So here is the man himself.

Big it Up & SUPPORT!

Sunday, 10 April 2011

All Work, No Play

Some People Dream of Success
While Others Wake up & Work Hard At It

So today, Monday. Not my favorite day. I've been working at the INAA Paisley office. Feel like i've not moved in fact I have not moved from the same spot for 6 hours. Grafter I am. Just had a refreshing conversation with Ruthanne part 1 of my boss's and feel much better. 

I got into town. Walked up to my Gym and worked my ass off. SWEAT SWEAT SWEAT. I'm still unsure about it, all I know is i feel better for doing it rather than nothing. I was meant to be going to my mate Libby's class at parklands with my mum but my train was cancelled due to a broken window. Bloody vandals I tell ya. haha. So went back and stretched out my worries. Settled down for a movie and a right good sleep. Today I have stuck to my Herbalife nutrition plan. 2 shakes. Vitamins and Fiber 3 times a day and 1 healthy meal. Been scoffing fruit all day and I do feel a difference. I feel combined with working out and healthy eating not smoking and just not not drinking my minds much more focused and i'm alot more ambitious. I'm not obsessing over my weight, which i've never been able to maintain healthily eating in my life. Its more my health and brain. It might sound stupid but toning up and working towards something that makes you feel better has an impact in my life. Moods aint swinging as hard everyone will be pleased to hear i'm a little bit more together than usual and really taking my health seriously. Bloody boring bitch. But I don't care. FEELING FABULOUS

So heres to good health and being boring bitches
Determination Lovers
Peace Out
Don't let the bastards get you down


Behind the scenes in London. I feel like i've been neglecting what this blogs about. MODELING. i've been to busy using it as a dear diary. La will be back on it soon. Sorry for any ear/eye bleeding! 

yes and now apparently i think i'm gossip girl. 
Allan Craig watch out