Tuesday, 12 April 2011

The Key

BUZZING isn't even the word.

Today. I had a 10am with Tanina who is running the Scottish Beauty Guide. She has approached me about Being on the front cover and writing an article in the new magazine that will be distributed throughout the country. Compliment in itself. When being informed that the launch party was in fact my birthday (24thh of June get it in your diaries) me being a diva,  I simply requested that I didn't have to work and mingle on my birthday. Date changed! Front cover shoot on Tuesday evening! Shall write and let you know how it went. Love how much input i'm getting to have. Alpha females who appreciate creativity from fellow alpha females is so refreshing.

After that it was all go in the Bath street INAA office. I write the www.inaa.com blog too, But have been seriously neglecting it so, after some standard marketing and I.T tasks, I then nurtured the poor blog. As in wrote it! At about 4.30pm me and JOSI, my driving instructor/boss haha Dashed over to the bank and then decided to take on the streets of pollokshields, even did a hill start (I think) Theory's booked. Road I've told you watch out I have the itch for freedom. 

Tonight. At the blyswood square private cinema room, Myself and Joanne experienced a taster to The Key to health wealth and happiness. I LOVE IT. Its all based on a book called the secret. Focusing on energy and positivity in your life whether it  be Love, business or personal. It  might sounds lame but Its amazing both me and Jossie were buzzing after it. So much so we took a run up to the Fort and bought new diary's and books (for planning our lifes) which then turned into HMV frenzy purchasing Rihanna's loud album, Jessie J, Marianne Faithful, Norah Jones, Lil Wayne Fleetwood Mac and 3 Alicia Keys albums. Alongside The dvd 'The September issue' As you can see I have a very UNdiverse music taste... Actually probably the most eclectic music selection for an 18 year old. EVER. We're going on a full day course on Sunday for the Key and I cannot wait.

Loving Life
Excited for the Future
Tomorrow's Not that Far Away and I need to Sleep

Peace Love and Energy

Shoot above, December 2010 just before I left for Australia. With fellow 'up and coming' Artist singer songwriter Steven Cusick. Also known as Cusick Jnr. After going to his showcase myself and Steven decided to put together a shoot that could be used for press and both our websites. I styled the shoot my side and Steven did his. The beautiful location and snowy day really worked well, I was trying to tell a story. Its really hard working with a male unless your oiled up and in underwear. It can look so wrong, But I think it works. I tried to base it on a song Steven wrote called "no more L.A"  Myself and Steven are working again together on Friday so thought it was appropriate to post this shoot now! All to be revealed soon enough..

So here is the man himself.

Big it Up & SUPPORT!

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