Sunday, 10 April 2011

All Work, No Play

Some People Dream of Success
While Others Wake up & Work Hard At It

So today, Monday. Not my favorite day. I've been working at the INAA Paisley office. Feel like i've not moved in fact I have not moved from the same spot for 6 hours. Grafter I am. Just had a refreshing conversation with Ruthanne part 1 of my boss's and feel much better. 

I got into town. Walked up to my Gym and worked my ass off. SWEAT SWEAT SWEAT. I'm still unsure about it, all I know is i feel better for doing it rather than nothing. I was meant to be going to my mate Libby's class at parklands with my mum but my train was cancelled due to a broken window. Bloody vandals I tell ya. haha. So went back and stretched out my worries. Settled down for a movie and a right good sleep. Today I have stuck to my Herbalife nutrition plan. 2 shakes. Vitamins and Fiber 3 times a day and 1 healthy meal. Been scoffing fruit all day and I do feel a difference. I feel combined with working out and healthy eating not smoking and just not not drinking my minds much more focused and i'm alot more ambitious. I'm not obsessing over my weight, which i've never been able to maintain healthily eating in my life. Its more my health and brain. It might sound stupid but toning up and working towards something that makes you feel better has an impact in my life. Moods aint swinging as hard everyone will be pleased to hear i'm a little bit more together than usual and really taking my health seriously. Bloody boring bitch. But I don't care. FEELING FABULOUS

So heres to good health and being boring bitches
Determination Lovers
Peace Out
Don't let the bastards get you down


Behind the scenes in London. I feel like i've been neglecting what this blogs about. MODELING. i've been to busy using it as a dear diary. La will be back on it soon. Sorry for any ear/eye bleeding! 

yes and now apparently i think i'm gossip girl. 
Allan Craig watch out

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