Sunday, 10 April 2011

Rooftop Views

Success Is What You Attract
By Being The Person You Become

Today is a BEAUTIFUL day. I went to the gym for a right good SWEAT this morning, caught up with my blog then Izara Marini also known as Drizzy, Izzy or Izara Maria (clothes designer and all round fabulous being) picked me up for our shoot, we drove half way into town and Izara realized she forgot her pins to pin my in! 1 U turn later we made the journey back, and then we were on our way. The meeting point was Levi's 'Crib'. Lauren O'donnell the make up artist was waiting patiently for Hair and Make up to begin. All three agreed on black lips and minimal make up else where. So Lauren got to work on my face and 'weave' we were soon ready to go on location. ROOFTOPS with a view are my favorite. Although people who are why me HATE, as I like to push the boundaries of safety. Anything for a good picture! 

Fashion First, Safety Later
Joanne Reid - You know what I'm talking About

So after everyone got rid of their fear of heights (MAN UP PEOPLE) and I had jumped about like a mad man taking in the views and rays of the sun. We started. And what a fabulous wee team we made. I will hopefully have photos to post tomorrow


After the shoot, CHEATING MYSELF I went to the bier hall on Gordan street. I had a pizza. I feel like until they stop making them I will have to have one every time I pass it. Plus Sunday is meant to be a day of rest. CARBS ARE GOOD FOR YOU. On the way home me and Izara decided that we deserved a drink, I've not been out in ages and though it was about time I got my drink on. But NO.. I repel the rock n' roll lifestyle. I feel asleep at 8pm and woke up in time for work today. Bamboo I miss you. Wine I miss you more. Hangover, Not so much

Peace Love & Clear Heads

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