Thursday, 24 November 2011

Lil' Update

So wannabe's I've actually had a whole 10 days off, been trying to chill. Change my diet & QUIT THE AWFUL Ciggs.

I have now successfully Chilled, and i'm feeling 1000% better for it. World domination is back on the to do list. Well, maybe not but i'm definitely going to dominate and take control of my life once again. Burning out and over working is SO bad for you I cannot describe how important sleep & rest is, totally ESSENTIAL! GET TO YOUR BED Y'ALL - Thats an ORDER! 

Diet has changed from crisps and chocolate to fruit and veg -  in a YUMMY way, making soup and smoothies has put the fun back into healthy for me, & I've managed to pack in smoking all together! I feel SO much better for it! 


So today, even though i've still been resting/planning the redecoration for my room I've received 2 HUGEE pieces of news! A few months ago a photographer/friend named Laura McKinnon told me to enter a competition for a huge cosmetics brand called NYX as they were launching in the U.K but are already MASSIVE in America, the comp winner is going to be the New Face of the brand, so today I got the email to tell me i'm in the final! Photo shoot in London next Wednesday! WISH ME LUCK! 

Then received another email to tell me I was on VOGUE ITALIA! Yes, .. I know

So here it is...

WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Vogue Italia, Italian Vogue, Just Sayin'

Also a new Image from one of my favourite people to work with Mr Brian Rolfe 

I'm really pleased with how this image turned out and it's brian and I's favourite from the day! Although topless I think it still represents the classy side of Fashion...

Well i'm pretty overwhelmed and Massively Sleepy

Write again Soon

Peace & Love As Always


Sunday, 20 November 2011

"Our Deepest Fear is Not That We are Inadequate. Our Deepest Fear is That We Are Powerful Beyond Measure. It is our Light, not our Darkness that Most Frightens Us. We Ask Ourselves, Who Am I to be Brilliant, Gorgeous, Talented, Fabulous? Actually, Who Are You NOT To Be?" Nelson Mandela


Peace & L O V E

Monday, 7 November 2011

Unexpected Sunshine

Love the days when you least expect it to be glorious it IS! Oh my GAD it was such a beaut of a day in Edinburgh & I had a location shoot! WINNER 

Although the sun was splitting the sky, believe me it still felt like winter - I could see my breathe in the air type of cold!

I was shooting with spanish photographer Igor Termenon and Make up artist Ashleigh Anderson! It was an early start as I had to go pick up dresses from Designer Rebecca Torres before heading to get the train with Ms Anderson

Above is a Sneak Peak on how we got on

More To Come

Peace & Love


Sunday, 6 November 2011

Bare Foot

Eventful weekend people, WORK WORK WORK. Friday I was down at Obscure Couture HQ paying my two favourites a visit, then was at my Gran's for a catch up with my Fam, Dad and my brother's were up from Cheshire so was nice to spend some quality time. I was definitely the favourite sister in the room, armed with 3 newThomas the Tank Engine goodies - so was lovely to get lots of cuddles and kisses even if the might have been bribed! We set off some night before bonfire night fireworks! Charlie, 3 - LOVED them, and you should have seen the newest additions eyes, at 6 months I don't think Murphy new what the hell was going on bless.

Saturday was spent at the SECC at girls day out, I was helping a company called amazing smile - was such a busy day and was great to see the woman out in full force! Butlers in the buff was an added bit of eye candy for us all too! After I completely KNACKERED & with a call time of 6.30am for Sunday's shoot I made the sensible decision to have a very early night.

So after snoozing my 3 alarms until I really HAD to get up, I finally rolled out of bed into the shower, only to get back into my jammies, yes. DIVA La got in the car to the location today in her cosey jammies and wooly blanket. I slept the majority of the way up & then it was straight into make up then hair - then location..

It really was beautiful, but - I was frozen right through!

A TEAM - David was on TOP form, great catching up on all the latest happenings and goss, Jaquie's handy work was AH-MAZING I loved the make up, it was totally flawless! & The lovely Gail, 1st impressions count - what a laid back, chilled out woman, put me straight to ease and the hair was HUGE, makes such a difference working with people like all of the above - pushes you to work harder! Gail brought along her adorable little boy Alexander too! SO CUTE! Laura was 1 of David's assistant today also a photographer and equally as amazing person, 2nd assistant was William full of chat about his travels kept me entertained and blocked the sun from blinding me - WINNER. & Di, the wonderfully talented Di Gilpin who had us all pilled into her beautiful cottage & studio. It was such a pleasure working with you all, Thank you for having me and can't wait to see our editorial in the magazine. 

I have SUCH a busy week. & it's time to get my head well and truly in the game. I'm excited for whats to come. 

Write again Tomorrow

I am a sleepy little Lady

Peace & Lot's of Love




Thursday, 3 November 2011

Yes Sir

Thank The LORD It's Friday
Just Received This in My Mail Box

Peace & Love
Way To Sleepy To Write Properly Tonight

I Am a Princess


Kicked off with my first christmas latte from Starbucks, red cup & all me & Lou even bought candy kane's just to get into christmas vibes. 

2nd Stop, Lou's place for HAIR. I met Lou for the first time at Obscure Couture HQ, But have always heard wonderful things - so inevitably my expectations were high & to be fair - She smashed through the expected and exceeded everything I hoped for - BOOM BOOM - My long locks were washed blow dried curled then pined up into BOW'S Yes a head full of bows. L O V E. Lou you da BEST

Next was central station to meet the lovely ashleigh who was in charge of making me up! We found each other and clambered onto the rush hour train where we proceeded to talk and laugh loudly - We eventually got to the studio to be greeted by the lovely clare 

1st Look, PRINCESS, This dress was really something else. Made for the MAC & Hello Kitty collaboration for New York Fashion Week in 2006. WOW WOW & MORE WOW. Honestly it would make even the deadliest of SINNERS feel like saints. It was freaking TINY - SIZE ZERO MY HERO. Sorry ribs - corseted up - my whole body took a while to remaster the skill of BREATHING. 

I stood I sat I lay until there was no more poses to get - I honestly can't wait to wear it again. 

2nd Look - Gold Leafs, In a year of shoots, I've actually never had gold leafs on my face or bod? I LOVED this look, Very Me. Clare was SO good to me, even making me pasta and cheesy garlic bread before I fell over with the lack of food I had that day! NOM NOM NOM Batteries recharged but body EXHAUSTED we got the shot & I got on my way to my BED 

Never been happier to see pillows and a duvet.
TOO Sleepy
Sweetest Dreams



Wednesday, 2 November 2011


Tonight I made the FATAL mistake of agreeing to go and see Paranormal Activity 3, OH MY GAD What was I thinking? Sweet Baby Jesus - Hello Sleepless Night. 

But on a MUCH much happier note I am SUPPER excited about my shoot tomorrow. EEEEEEeeeeeeee, a cinderella fashion story with a hello kitty DRESS. I mean, really? WOW perfect shoot for La.

I've pulled of a last minute supper team which excites me even more. BRING IT. Tomorrow - Hurry the Hell Up. 

Here Is THEE Dress

You Can Expect a BLOW BY BLOW report on how it all went down

Beauty Sleep Calls
Hopefully a Nightmare Free Night



Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Live a Little

Jeez Louise, It's ALL change in my life! WAW -  But, Feeling SUPPER pumped & excited for whats ahead! I suppose we should touch upon what been going on up until now? As i've admittedly FALLEN BEHIND AGAIN

CRAZY Hair & Make Up for ITCOW

Right, It's been a while Y'ALL, Need to Get It Together.

I walked in - In the Company of Wolves & it was a total SUCCESS! The whole team did themselves proud and they day went SWIMMINGLY - The event is all for charity, and with the two brains behind the whole thing in their last year at University which means DISSERTATION time they did SO BLOODY WELL. Hats off to Claire & Ally & The whole team!

Jenny Loof


At The interval of the show the fashion film I starred in was SHOWCASED for the 1st Time. 

Then was the Obscure Couture Final S/S12 Look Book Shoot. Where havoc was once again turned into beauty, with a team in full force for hair and make up, waiting on hand and foot for 20 supper beautiful models we got the mammoth job DONE & in good time too. IDEAL

Then, Halloween came for 4 freaking days, I mean CAM'AAAANNN! It's meant to fall on the 31st of October, BUT No, Glaswegians use it as an excuse to party for the full 4 - friday - monday night, ridiculous amounts of fake blood, slutty outfits and freaky contacts SWARMED the city. 

So of Course, I Joined in ONE night of 4

Wearing Very Little Attire, Not much effort was put into my Halloween celebrations this year. DAMM


On Sunday, LCR my beautiful friend and fellow creative asked me to do a little job at Sunday Circus, I got one of my best girls in the world of models Rachel M to come be my wingman. Little did we know that we were soon to be cockered up and put on a leash!!! Yes, Sunday Circus is an event always held in a secret location, So Myself and Rachel fronted the Parade and lead them to the unknown location on a leash - To be fair it was the Easiest job on the planet as we literally had to walk round the block. BOOM

So Thats Me, I've Missed Hundreds Out as Usual, But Onwards & Upwards - The Future is The FOCUS


How Thu HELL Did That Happen?
Another Year Almost GONE

Peace & Love


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