Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Live a Little

Jeez Louise, It's ALL change in my life! WAW -  But, Feeling SUPPER pumped & excited for whats ahead! I suppose we should touch upon what been going on up until now? As i've admittedly FALLEN BEHIND AGAIN

CRAZY Hair & Make Up for ITCOW

Right, It's been a while Y'ALL, Need to Get It Together.

I walked in - In the Company of Wolves & it was a total SUCCESS! The whole team did themselves proud and they day went SWIMMINGLY - The event is all for charity, and with the two brains behind the whole thing in their last year at University which means DISSERTATION time they did SO BLOODY WELL. Hats off to Claire & Ally & The whole team!

Jenny Loof


At The interval of the show the fashion film I starred in was SHOWCASED for the 1st Time. 

Then was the Obscure Couture Final S/S12 Look Book Shoot. Where havoc was once again turned into beauty, with a team in full force for hair and make up, waiting on hand and foot for 20 supper beautiful models we got the mammoth job DONE & in good time too. IDEAL

Then, Halloween came for 4 freaking days, I mean CAM'AAAANNN! It's meant to fall on the 31st of October, BUT No, Glaswegians use it as an excuse to party for the full 4 - friday - monday night, ridiculous amounts of fake blood, slutty outfits and freaky contacts SWARMED the city. 

So of Course, I Joined in ONE night of 4

Wearing Very Little Attire, Not much effort was put into my Halloween celebrations this year. DAMM


On Sunday, LCR my beautiful friend and fellow creative asked me to do a little job at Sunday Circus, I got one of my best girls in the world of models Rachel M to come be my wingman. Little did we know that we were soon to be cockered up and put on a leash!!! Yes, Sunday Circus is an event always held in a secret location, So Myself and Rachel fronted the Parade and lead them to the unknown location on a leash - To be fair it was the Easiest job on the planet as we literally had to walk round the block. BOOM

So Thats Me, I've Missed Hundreds Out as Usual, But Onwards & Upwards - The Future is The FOCUS


How Thu HELL Did That Happen?
Another Year Almost GONE

Peace & Love


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