Sunday, 6 November 2011

Bare Foot

Eventful weekend people, WORK WORK WORK. Friday I was down at Obscure Couture HQ paying my two favourites a visit, then was at my Gran's for a catch up with my Fam, Dad and my brother's were up from Cheshire so was nice to spend some quality time. I was definitely the favourite sister in the room, armed with 3 newThomas the Tank Engine goodies - so was lovely to get lots of cuddles and kisses even if the might have been bribed! We set off some night before bonfire night fireworks! Charlie, 3 - LOVED them, and you should have seen the newest additions eyes, at 6 months I don't think Murphy new what the hell was going on bless.

Saturday was spent at the SECC at girls day out, I was helping a company called amazing smile - was such a busy day and was great to see the woman out in full force! Butlers in the buff was an added bit of eye candy for us all too! After I completely KNACKERED & with a call time of 6.30am for Sunday's shoot I made the sensible decision to have a very early night.

So after snoozing my 3 alarms until I really HAD to get up, I finally rolled out of bed into the shower, only to get back into my jammies, yes. DIVA La got in the car to the location today in her cosey jammies and wooly blanket. I slept the majority of the way up & then it was straight into make up then hair - then location..

It really was beautiful, but - I was frozen right through!

A TEAM - David was on TOP form, great catching up on all the latest happenings and goss, Jaquie's handy work was AH-MAZING I loved the make up, it was totally flawless! & The lovely Gail, 1st impressions count - what a laid back, chilled out woman, put me straight to ease and the hair was HUGE, makes such a difference working with people like all of the above - pushes you to work harder! Gail brought along her adorable little boy Alexander too! SO CUTE! Laura was 1 of David's assistant today also a photographer and equally as amazing person, 2nd assistant was William full of chat about his travels kept me entertained and blocked the sun from blinding me - WINNER. & Di, the wonderfully talented Di Gilpin who had us all pilled into her beautiful cottage & studio. It was such a pleasure working with you all, Thank you for having me and can't wait to see our editorial in the magazine. 

I have SUCH a busy week. & it's time to get my head well and truly in the game. I'm excited for whats to come. 

Write again Tomorrow

I am a sleepy little Lady

Peace & Lot's of Love




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