Thursday, 3 November 2011

I Am a Princess


Kicked off with my first christmas latte from Starbucks, red cup & all me & Lou even bought candy kane's just to get into christmas vibes. 

2nd Stop, Lou's place for HAIR. I met Lou for the first time at Obscure Couture HQ, But have always heard wonderful things - so inevitably my expectations were high & to be fair - She smashed through the expected and exceeded everything I hoped for - BOOM BOOM - My long locks were washed blow dried curled then pined up into BOW'S Yes a head full of bows. L O V E. Lou you da BEST

Next was central station to meet the lovely ashleigh who was in charge of making me up! We found each other and clambered onto the rush hour train where we proceeded to talk and laugh loudly - We eventually got to the studio to be greeted by the lovely clare 

1st Look, PRINCESS, This dress was really something else. Made for the MAC & Hello Kitty collaboration for New York Fashion Week in 2006. WOW WOW & MORE WOW. Honestly it would make even the deadliest of SINNERS feel like saints. It was freaking TINY - SIZE ZERO MY HERO. Sorry ribs - corseted up - my whole body took a while to remaster the skill of BREATHING. 

I stood I sat I lay until there was no more poses to get - I honestly can't wait to wear it again. 

2nd Look - Gold Leafs, In a year of shoots, I've actually never had gold leafs on my face or bod? I LOVED this look, Very Me. Clare was SO good to me, even making me pasta and cheesy garlic bread before I fell over with the lack of food I had that day! NOM NOM NOM Batteries recharged but body EXHAUSTED we got the shot & I got on my way to my BED 

Never been happier to see pillows and a duvet.
TOO Sleepy
Sweetest Dreams



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