Thursday, 24 November 2011

Lil' Update

So wannabe's I've actually had a whole 10 days off, been trying to chill. Change my diet & QUIT THE AWFUL Ciggs.

I have now successfully Chilled, and i'm feeling 1000% better for it. World domination is back on the to do list. Well, maybe not but i'm definitely going to dominate and take control of my life once again. Burning out and over working is SO bad for you I cannot describe how important sleep & rest is, totally ESSENTIAL! GET TO YOUR BED Y'ALL - Thats an ORDER! 

Diet has changed from crisps and chocolate to fruit and veg -  in a YUMMY way, making soup and smoothies has put the fun back into healthy for me, & I've managed to pack in smoking all together! I feel SO much better for it! 


So today, even though i've still been resting/planning the redecoration for my room I've received 2 HUGEE pieces of news! A few months ago a photographer/friend named Laura McKinnon told me to enter a competition for a huge cosmetics brand called NYX as they were launching in the U.K but are already MASSIVE in America, the comp winner is going to be the New Face of the brand, so today I got the email to tell me i'm in the final! Photo shoot in London next Wednesday! WISH ME LUCK! 

Then received another email to tell me I was on VOGUE ITALIA! Yes, .. I know

So here it is...

WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Vogue Italia, Italian Vogue, Just Sayin'

Also a new Image from one of my favourite people to work with Mr Brian Rolfe 

I'm really pleased with how this image turned out and it's brian and I's favourite from the day! Although topless I think it still represents the classy side of Fashion...

Well i'm pretty overwhelmed and Massively Sleepy

Write again Soon

Peace & Love As Always


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