Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Come Away With Me

Come Away With Me - Chilled out, Beautiful Love Song

So on that note, Today has been busy and I don't think I've felt this tired in a long time. Its really starting to catch up with me, I think my body's readjusting to not having me fill it with Cakes, bread of any form, sweets and then of course If you have sweet it has to be followed with savory? and the cycle doesn't stop until all cakes sweets crisps and bread are out of sight. Even though I've quit smoking through choice, I was definitely eating more than usual, So once I got over the initial shock of not doing anything with my hands, stepped away from the junk food and thought about it. I mean If I want to take what I do seriously then surely I have to care about what I'm putting into my body. So as the next few weeks are manic with shoots I though I would seriously give the health kick a go. 3 days in and I want 10 cakes. Hopefully this will pass! 

I've had a few emails about girls that want to start modelling. Tomorrow my blog is for you. Titled INVEST IN YOURSELF its taken me this long to wake up and smell the coffee so hope it helps all you fellow WANNABE SHE'S 

I have a quick shoot with Friend's Grant Alexander McDonald and Sarah Vieira Da Cruz

Dream Time.
Peace Love & Carrots


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