Tuesday, 19 April 2011


 I woke up such a happy bunny, went to the gym at 7AM, I know, horrendous & Got back to my house about 8, I have loads to do in work but also have 2 shoots so to make the time up I worked for 4 hours prior to the shoot to save stress or guilt for neglecting INAA.com.

Tantrum is the name of 1 of the magazine's I was shooting for today, what a beautiful day to shoot! We met on Victoria road right next to Queens park for Hair & Make up. The make up look was minimal make up with pastel colours through it. So I had green eyes and coral lips. My fringe was down and hair was messy! After everything was done. Nina the make up artist left us too it. 1st location was Queens cafe, undoubtedly the best Ice cream shop in Glasgow. So I insisted for the benefit of the photograph I had a ice cream as a prop. YUM. After Queens cafe, we walked into queens park and shot in another four different locations. A bowling green, a coliseum type area, UP A TREE, and Outside a fruit market. So yes, I did actually just say up a tree, which I infact got stuck up! A random park wonder'r was minding his own buisness when out I yelp 'Excuse me mr, yes you, I'm stuck up this tree! Can you PLEASE help me get down' (below me was a bush, with Sharpe branches in it) the guy responded 'Are you kidding?' I can't imagine what my face was like at this moment, a picture let just say 'Does it look like i'm Joking?' Me thinking this is the most logical thing I had said all day when really its probably the weirdest thing he's been asked to do in a park! I hope! THANK YOU KIND HELP ME DOWN TREE MAN. 

After the shoot, the editor of the magazine myself and Kirstin the photographer went to re fuel in a place called Go Slow, coolest little lunch place I've been to in a while. I had a croissant with butter and Jam and a bowl of soup! Well deserved! In between this and the next shoot I popped into my office to catch up on some work again. Soon it was 6pm and time for the next shoot. 1 magazine down, 1 more to go..

I was asked to shoot the front cover of the Glasgow Beauty Guide about 3 weeks ago, Tanina the editor also wants me to showcase my writing and write a big piece for the magazine. So I'll talk you through both. The shoot went well, It was such a long day but like to think I was professional through out and made everyone laugh (at me not with me) The team included, photographer Lindsay Docherty, MUA (I got to choose someone I had worked with before & recommend) Sarah Vieira Da Cruz, Hair by Paolo Andreuchetti and Tanina the editor on wardrobe. It was a very smiley, posed, grinning, happy, girl next door shoot. As you can imagine it took me a little bit to get into, How do I smile? 2nd part still to come is the article, My brief for it is, a behind the scenes glimpse of the modelling industry, good and bad. How girls don't have to choose between Being smart and being pretty. I have to write about myself and my life, my blog and of course whats next. So watch out for it. Published on the 1st of June. I better get writing

The shoot wrapped up about 11pm over in the west end and my god am I happy to see my bed. 

Over and Out
Peace Love & 40 Winks



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