Saturday, 23 April 2011


Guess what? My plan of sleeping was short lived, or short slept whatever way you wanna word it. LONG PEACEFUL SLEEP = FAIL.

I forgot for 2 seconds that I work every day of my life. Today is CRUISE. Just like every Saturday. Town is quiet and its raining. I got home a little bit early which made the day a little ore enjoyable. Alongside some BARGAIN shopping as its that time of the month where pay day hasn't quite arrived yet. DAMN

Another cinema Saturday. Early showing of Fast and Furious 5 (Fast Five) starring 3 of my FAVOURITES, Paul Walker, one of two male leads. Always had a soft spot for him. LOVE. Jordana Brewster (she is absolutely beautiful beyond words. More so on camera than in pictures. WOW) and Vin Diesel Perfect man. Everything you could want for. Hard man but Protective, Sexy Voice, Sexier Body. DING DANG DONG

Still a little Sick Baby
Off for a Spoon with Helly Kitty & Hot Water Bottle

Peace Love & Sweet Sweet Dreaming

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