Sunday, 24 April 2011

Obscure Couture

Today I feel SOUR. & When I say Sour I mean BITTER. I mean, I quit smoking, I've not been drinking, I go to the gym, Eat all the right stuff, WORK MY ASS OFF. Doing everything by the book and what's looked upon as being 'right' & I've never felt so ill, constantly all the time. I MEAN WHAT THE HELL? Being healthy clearly doesn't agree with me. 

But as always I have no time to be ill or consider a day off. Today I am modelling for Obscure Couture. I was privileged to wear one of their dresses at Nightwalk on Frday, and Now model for their online shop. Yes that right you can now purchase your own piece. WOOPA.

I got to the OB Studio/Workshop around 1pm. Where I was greeted by two of the warmest people in the buisness. Jenn and Lyndsey, Tea's and coffee's offered straight away. Charmers. Jak Morgan was doing make up, hair was a mohican crimped sensation, and make up was pinky! What a lovely girl Jak is, 1st time i've worked with her but I'm sure it won't be the last. CHAMP! The shoot itself went on for about 12 hours all in all. Long day especially when you feel worse than crap. But, solider La battled on. A delivery of Pizza helped, half way through the day an over load in carbs. I munched a whole pizza Myself. Well that's the healthy eating plan out the window then! After food I felt more energised, short term. After that coffee's got me through it.

I'm so excited to see the finished product. And to shoot Obscure Couture's new range in the next few weeks.

Girls You are GEM'S and really are set for WORLD DOMINATION.

Peace Love & Mohican's

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