Saturday, 16 April 2011

Make It Happen

Things are starting to look up on the modelling front.
I could tell you all why what who when BUT I really don't want to jinx it.

It's funny. People are funny, I've started to realise that everyone's just in it for themselves. Well I've always known that, but it's just become a whole lot clearer with certain people. They expect so much and give nothing back. Well quite frankly I'm done.

Town was quite today which meant so was Cruise. Still managed to find a few Cinderella's there slippers. As in. New shoes for our customers. I love working in menswear, In fact. Wait for it. I love my little shift in Cruise, the people the shop and just the environment. CRUISE DAFT..  NEVER thought I would work in retail, But now I do (kind of)
I love it. 

Tonight its Wagamama's & Cinema again to see Limitless.

Last night - Lincoln Lawyer - AMAZING. My boy smashes it again. Great movie - Highly recommend it

Peace Love & Miso Soup


Photographer: Grant Alexander McDonald
MUA: Sarah Vieira Da Cruz

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