Tuesday, 24 May 2011

New Additions

This week I have a pretty quiet week with modelling! But its all go at INAA. Taking this week to get a reign on my life, sort my world out and get ready for pay day on Friday! I am down in Manchester on Sunday to finally meet my new sibling. If I get down that is, Ash cloud may be gone but is set to return at the end of the week. GREAT! but Yes we are welcoming another little Andrew into the world. Murphy Andrew (how cool?) I think full World Domination is possible with 5 of us. Nice balance of 3 girls 2 boys, WATCH OUT! 

(how beautiful are YOU?)

Then Monday I have some business to attend to while I'm down south. Won't say to much, don't want to jinx myself, just wish me luck & keep your FINGERS CROSSED. 

Tonight's plans are simple. Sex & The City marathon, Bath & Bed.

Peace Love & Carrie Bradshaw

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