Wednesday, 25 May 2011

HOT Date

So, Last nights chill out turned into CLEAN OUT. I faced up to my not getting out of control, totally out of control room. I'm not a messy person, but when I'm in a rush, being neat goes out the window. Along with half of my wardrobe or whatever lipstick I'm trying to find being thrown around my room! So After watching maybe, 6 episodes of S&TC. I cleaned it up. How good are clean sheets? Bed felt amazing & I slept like a baby.

Today, I am writing on my lunch break as plans are Gym straight after work then my first HOT DATE in weeks, yes you heard it hear first. Pitty my date is not a male. Its in fact my newly returned Friend Rebecca Ross, fellow model & blogger, who has in fact been in KENTUCKY? for uni since JANUARY! We're hitting cineworld for a bit of Robert Pattinson and then Starbucks for a catch up on her trip abroad. 

So Inaa, Sweat, Robert then Coffee.


This was a few pictures from 2 shoots me & Rebecca have done together, round about this time last year we got together then again In July. Both times Brian Hayes was our photographer. I love the outcome of both shoot and one of the photos was used for a Club Flyer for a night ran in Glasgow. Time for a remake? ...

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