Thursday, 26 May 2011

Natural Highs Baby

So Gym was a total success yesterday, a very sweaty success. I no sweat is a 'disgusting' thought, But isn't that was you go to the gym to do? I have a certain hate (which I have mentioned before) for girls that wear make up to the gym. WHY WHY WHY? I know make up covers up our insecurities but surely we are at the gym to improve what we can and work our ass's off? Not wear fake tan fake eyelashes hair extensions and paint make up on. I'm sorry but its all sorts of WRONG babes. 

So yes, my make-up-less, no fake tan, no fake eyelashes, no fake hair Gym session, well, I SMASHED it and came out buzzing about life, Working out produces a chemical in your body called Endorphins which ultimately gives you a natural high! Love Natural Highs.

So after I got over my excitement, I met beautiful Rebecca for our film date, to find that in fact, being Orange Wednesday & the end of the month (aka when everyone's skint so Orange Wednesday becomes pretty essential) It was sold out, so we jumped in the car and went to the quay instead. I don't think either of us took a breathe once! We had so much to talk about. So that's what we did, right up until we were seated to watch the movie. Which was fabulous, I would recommend to all. WATER FOR ELEPHANTS people - winner! RR & I shouted at the screan a few times with legs vibrating with this tense atmosphere we had in fact created by being such freaks. It was such a tiny room too, I'm sure as always we made a lasting impression.

On the drive home we talked at each other for another hour before admitting defeat and heading to bed. Girl, we are riding that wave together. CRINGE after date texts made my day.

So my quiet week with modelling has turned into a busy one towards the end! I have 2 shoots now. A late one tomorrow night, very excited about that, then a more natural stripped back one on Saturday - equally excited for! Just before I hop skip and jump down to Manchester. Meetings on Monday. Hello nerves.

I am tonight, joining a new Gym
With a new Obsession with Health
I guess its better than some of my Old Obsessions?!

So, Until Tomorrow
Peace & Love


Feels like forever ago! One of my favourite memories of when I first started! Abi is one of my favourite models to work with, she's with model team in Glasgow and set for big things. Catherine Crowe, a make up artist I had been using on many of my shoots did make up and Rainbow Rooms did the hair. Fiona Taylor was the photographer and Lindsay was the stylist! 

On the shoot when Catherine was bending over sorting out her kit, Me being me pointed out how huge her knockers had gotten, it was then when she told me she was in fact 8 months pregnant. Poor Catherine had been logging around Glasgow with me on about 6 shoots prior to this one, I am usually so observant, I swear! I didn't make her work again after that I promise  

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