Friday, 27 May 2011

No Expectations

The plan of joining new Gym was a FAIL. My Gran was over and made the best home cooked dinner EVA so I felt like a total pie after my 3rd serving. Gym was a no go, so feet were up, and The Apprentice was banged up onto the big screen, comfies were on ready for a snuggle with Mum, then, my phone rings and It's Usi K, I actually just missed it but with the immediate call back I knew then there was something going down. "Hello? everything ok?" .. "Yea L.A, how long do you take to get ready.?" "What are you talking about Usi" "Can you be ready in 15mins and in a taxi" "Er yeah ok?!" So I ran upstairs whilst bbm'ing him to see what the hell was going on. Then in usual Usi style, "La when I said get ready I mean you have to be an 11 out of 10 ready." I knew this is unrealistic at the best of times so was aiming for a mear 6 out of 10 as I had 10 mins to get into a taxi. Pijama's swapped for a play suit and slippers swapped for stiletto's I was in the taxi. Still not really sure what was going on. Usi called hurrying me up, of course. Then filled me in on why what who when..


Not how I was planning on spending my night. But these unplanned nights always turn out the best. We got to the Barrowlands and even though I'm partial to a gig I've never actually been down that neck of the woods. We got there, and whilst waiting for a ticket to appear out of an envelope, out falls an AAA pass. Access All Areas. Yeah I know, was knew to me too. So still figuring out how the hell I got here, following the crowd not really realising where we were going. When I could see and hear the crowds to be honest I was more interested in where the bar was, Then realised that we were in fact standing at our seats, ON STAGE. wow wow wow wow. I can't even describe in words how good they were and only like 2 steps away!! 

About an hour into the set, everything got way too hot, we were all jumping about like 5 year olds when the tour manager suddenly appeared kinda flapping about, we realised that he was actually looking for a hair bobble of all things? Luckily I had one close to reach. All three dj's have kinda Long hair as far as guys go, so sweat and hair isn't a good combo, the hair bobble was for them. YES, THIS MEANS STEVE ANGELLO WAS WEARING MY HAIR BOBBLE. It kinda made my night, how sad right?

Back stage, we made friends with who I thought were lucky mother fuckers like us, but once out of the noise and getting some fresh air discovered it was Steve Angello's brother, one the warm up acts! AN21 & Max Vangeli! They had to leave for the next venue - The Arches, we followed not not after with a quick pit stop at the Corinthian. AAA barrowlands apparently meant AAA in the Arches too. So we danced the night away, not stopping for hours, Backstage! After Swedish House Mafia's Steve Angello had daringly stage dived 3 times into his loving Glaswegian fans, played another 3 hour set, they jumped off and let AN21 & Max on.

I think I covered everything? So Thank you Disco Stu & Usi K for such a wonderful time with amazing company. BOOM. Now that is what I call a night out.

Surviving, - JUST - In work today, Had so much to be getting on with so kept FOCUSED. Obviously had to choose to go out on the School night where I was not only working the next day but had a long shoot straight after? So Yes. After work. I am Shooting with  photographer Derrick Argent and make up artist Kaeleigh Wallace. While we're at it giving Hayley Ross a helping hand with getting some Jewellery she's designed photographed! So it's ALL GO.

No Rest
For The Wicked

Peace Love & Sleepless Nights
Sometimes, IT'S WORTH IT.
& In This Case
I think SLEEP WHEN YOUR DEAD applies

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