Thursday, 2 June 2011

Sometimes It's Not Logical, It's Emotional

Well, It's clear to say I have let my hair down and whipped it around like the little 9 year old Superstar. & Now it's back to business. Work is mad mental this week as we're the Main Sponsor of Miss Scotland,  trying to make sure everything is still running smoothly at INAA & The Event! Blood sweat & tears! We have the Scottish Hair and Beauty Awards in 1 week this Sunday which single handedly Joanne has organised herself! What a night it will be too, I'm so excited for the black tie event! Start the summer off the a BANG! So Miss Scotland's tonight, Just wanted to say Good Luck to all the girls but especially Sara & Rachel! Although I think its safe to say I have my opinions about 'beauty pageants' but Miss Scotland could be the only respectable one left in the country. More could be said for Uber Girl. But I suppose with that looming I can get it off my chest later in the week. 

Even with all the madness of work being so busy, I have to admit I'm feeling pretty down, I know I shouldn't blog about negative things right? But I think it should be about life and we all know it comes with good and bad. Yeah, so.. I feel unsettled and a little lost. "We cannot learn without pain." I know all this, I know I should direct all emotion into something I feel passionate about. I KNOW ALL THIS! But it seems logic doesn't help when there is emotion. Someone told me I'm an extremest. If I go out lets say, then I GO ALL OUT! Just like work, I can't just be doing one thing I have to do 4, like my 4 jobs! So, you get the point. When things are bad, to me everything falls apart. I need to master the sheer talent of being Logical when emotional. Think with my head and ignore my heart. Well, not forever! But at least for now.

I don't even want to proof read what I've written so apologies in advance If it doesn't make sense.

Peace Love & Puffy Eyes

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