Friday, 20 May 2011

Friday Feeling

Last nights show went smoothly and Tatiana's Hat's looked Beautiful. Well done to all involved!

Today, I woke up with a belly full of NERVES. Yes, I was nervous about a shoot. So many ifs & buts running around my head. But after a few snaps I got into it and FINALLY felt like myself again. BOOM BOOM BOOM. Such a good team behind me, Jak - one of my new Favorite's, Iain - we finally got to shoot together & I smell lots more to come and another new addition Paul Smith. Stylist and all round wonder man. Nice way to end the working week, although I have work tomorrow too, just for all you slackers aka normal human beings that get to enjoy your freaking weekends. Yes, I am, without a doubt Green with envy. 

Tonight I've had a quiet one with my girls, cinema and bath. I now have a 1,000 word article to write for a magazine, with a deadline of Tomorrow. So I better get to it.

Hopefully my weekend with be fun filled after my shift at Cruise, I'm sure there will be lots to report.

Peace Love & More Love

LA IS BACK (officially)


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