Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Fresh Start

So my fresh start apparently started today instead of the planned start of the week. I have had such an amazing day POSITIVITY PEOPLE. I have to say, I deserve a total pat on the back from the boss's @ INAA as I smashed it in work today. Innovative Thinking from la, forward planning and general HARD WORK and wow does it feel good. Hard work is really the most rewarding thing.

But today I felt different like, COME ON LA. Pick your wee self up and get on with it. Do better than you ever planned to a live your fucking life! So last night I had a total early night, left my phone downstairs and slept like a baby. Woke today, showered, sorted out my (slightly getting out of hand) room and bounced into the car for the drive to work! Another change today I packed my GYM bag for the first time in about 4 weeks now. & I was kind of de motivated half way through the day but now? BUZZING for a right good SWEAT. and who would have thought yesterday I would be smiling from ear to ear about working out. I'm telling you someone's messing with my former head to who ever you are THANK THE FUCKING LORD. I'm on top, haha I wish no I mean I'm on top of all my cyber stuff, My Facebook page, my Tumblr, My twitter and now my Blog. 

Tomorrow, fashion show WOOPA. My first modelling gig in 3 weeks. I bogged about it on Monday but I don't think you actually understand how excited I am about wearing one of these amazing dresses and head pieces! Wait till you see the photos then you may understand? I usually hate getting hair and make up done but I'm also excited about sitting on my ass and leaving it to the professionals! I will take some photos and videos and blog them Friday.

Tonight, its GYM SWEAT WORK IT OUT time. Tunes at the ready, kit - with me all I need is to hop skip n jump up there and do my thang, I'm actually quite knowledgeable in the gym, I use weights and everything. But to whip my bod into the best shape its ever been, I'm thinking of investing in a personal trainer. For gym purposes only people. Recommendations PLEASE. Also need a new gym to join, Think I might re join Virgin Active, OK to much talking not enough sweating

Peace Love & Working Out


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