Thursday, 19 May 2011


(In Every Sense of the Word)

Last night's Gym session was Sweaty and BRUTAL. Man, I'm so unfit, how can this be in only 4 weeks not training? GUTTED, but determined to sort it out. So much so, my addictive personality shines through as usual and I was back getting my sweat on at 8AM this morning, Yes, before work. Since I smashed work yesterday, I am going to make it a must that I do it EVERYDAY. I should be doing this anyway, which I do to a certain extent, lets just say I wanna be pupil of the century & INAA over achieve-ER - Geek it up. 

So work today is quiet we are moving office. As, a few of the main players at INAA are off to the big smoke as of June. Yes, this means I will be moving to London for the foreseeable future. BOOM BOOM BOOM. Exactly what I need, a new challenge. This is not a permanent move, More semi permanent. So London, you better be ready. (because I'm not)

Tonight its the Fashion Show. Butterflies in my tummy. LOVE that feeling, or maybe its because I've not eaten yet? I have my Special K at the ready I just have to make (which seems like a disgusting..) Journey down two flights to the Kitchen within our office, 2 flights? I know, I can't walk the length of myself, what can I say. Guilty as charged!

Another bit of good news, IONA BOYLE, one of my oldest bestest friends returns to Glasgow for the summer before her move to Manc, which is also ideal as ones Father lives here. 2 Birds One Stone = Thank you Manchester. She's been away galavanting the world in places such as India and Australia, not so much of a hop skip n jump away. 

Anyway, Tomorrow I will have a photo update of how tonight went, Wish me luck and here's hoping I break a Leg, in the theatre sense.

Peace Love & Catwalks

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