Monday, 16 May 2011

She's Back.

It's been exactly 3 weeks and 1 day since my last proper blog, I'm not talking about my sick note posts, but since my last proper natter. So, I guess I'm well rested, feeling 1000x better and raring to go. Unfortunately over the past 3 weeks I've not been able to shoot, not once, I had plans of doing about 9 shoots and I had to cancel all of them, But sometimes health comes first & I guess my body just needed to do nothing (which I am in fact apparently rubbish at these days)

This week I am back at work in INAA, although I haven't been off, I've not been fully here either so I'm ready to get my teeth stuck into some grafting in all aspects of life, but especially INAA, buzzing about whats to come here.

I missed the fitting for ITA fashion show, but there are rehersals tomorrow which I WILL BE ATTENDING! On Thursday I have another fashion show, Beretk! Ah Millinery & Fascinators is Launching! Held at Leading Bridal Boutique Retailer in Scotland Eleganza Sposa on Bath Street (a shop I pass nearly every day, one I have gazed into since my days at the RSAMD, the wedding dresses are beyond beautiful, I can't describe to you how excited I am about wearing one!)  

I have a shoot on Friday afternoon with Mr Iain McInnes & Jak Morgan, one of the many shoots I had to cancel, but fortunately rescheduled, I'm really excited about it and feel ready to smash it again. I've weirdly never worked with Iain before but me and Jak worked together on the Obscure Couture shoot.. more to come on Friday

I'm sure my life will become more exciting once normality starts to kick in, but i'll still be blogging in between the excitement. I also plan on buying a video camera and instead of taking pictures taking videos. Yes this week, VIDEO. So anyone around me regularly get your game face on because its all lights camera action for here.

Peace Love & Here's To Feeling Better

This is a shoot that got published during my Time off, Not my usual look but I really like the way its turned out Its all about VERSATILITY BABY! These hat designs are in fact made by the designer I'm modelling for on Thursday at the fashion show Tatiana Ashakova. Photos by Scott McGinlay who actually turned out to be my old head masters son! GLASGOW IS TOO SMALL.


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