Saturday, 17 September 2011

London Diaries: Day 3

So here it is, My LFW Debut! I had an unbelievable time rockin' the runway! As you can see above I walked three times, not the usual one! I was very honoured to be the only model bar one with a change never mind 3 changes! 

After the show we all went round the corner to Covent Gardens to a TGI type place for huge burger munchin' after we had successfully lined our stomachs for the nights activities, we all bundled back to 'the strand' to get ready for a night on the town! 

After some champers and face painting we all made our way to Soho to dance the night away, All I can say is I am truly knackered and I now can't wait until Monday


Peace & Love From London



  1. awww... hun! u look amazing! :D I'm obsessed with your blog and always look forward to seeing your work! :D I love your energy :D Keep it up! and I wish you all the best xsmilex

  2. thanks doll! currently on my way home from london so be ready for a huge up date