Tuesday, 20 September 2011

London Diaries: Day 6

What a night I had last night! Was such amazing fun! I was sensible spice though, I actually had to convince my Dad I would walk him back to the hotel, where he was keen to stay out and melt his card a little more! 

I woke up early to wash the wax out of my hair from the show and prepare for my shoot with Anna Fowler. I had to go and pick up a thousand pounds worth of clothes before & planned it out perfectly so me and my Dad could have lunch! & That we did, an italian just of regent street YUM YUM YUM

So after the clothes had been collected it was time to lug my suitcase bags and clothes to the other side of London, NOT FUN. I actually remember where Anna lived from memory in April. 

I arrived once again to open arms! Anna and Carmen the dream team smothered me in cuddles always a good start to a shoot, they instantly put me at ease from all the London stress! They checked out my clothes and got cracking on hair and make up. Anna Fowler is defiantly one of if not the best photographers I have worked with so far, self taught in all aspects of photography and post, ex model she obviously has an eye for it! Her partner in crime is a girl after my own heart, Ms Carmen, trouble in a little bundle of complete and utter JOY. She always gets the best out of my face and the only rule is NO FAKE EYELASHES, Also self taught Carmen knows the game of making the ugly beautiful inside out. These girls compliment each other perfectly and with me, definitely get the best they can. They always push you to an unknown place and want to create something not just beautiful but totally unique for you.

 Above Just a Taster From Today's Shoot With Anna Fowler & Carmen Lebrasee

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After the shoot, my plan was to get a taxi to my friend Laura's place because I had so many bags I couldn't stand the thought of the tube. But she was in fact on the other side of London about to go to the theatre, and obviously forgot how much stuff I always have with me, so her suggestion to go meet her then go back to hers was not what I had planned. It didn't help that I was totally drained from work. So I broke down, yes ladies and gents. I broke down in London. I had to return some of the clothes I had borrowed and as soon as that was done I was full on crying my eyes out. The thought of getting on a tube with my suitcase again was so not even an option so my solution? Go home. Yes, I was just going to go home. See i'm actually soft as hell! But thanks to Ms Lyndsey Pagan, she managed to convince her lovely friend Jeni to take me under her roof, give me a cuddle and tell me to MAN THE HELL UP

When this break down occurred I was literally on Oxford Street, I had just come from Anna's so still had black eye make up on. NOT A GOOD LOOK when crying your heart out, but I was so beyond the point of caring I literally wiped it down my face, much to some of you guys disappointment I did not take a photograph but use your imagination I was a riot a true broken girl. 

I got to Jeni's and cuddled me she did. I got such a fright when I went to brush my teeth, I looked like a clown gone wrong with my big red puffy eyes and black eye make up. HOT I know, soon after i washed my face I fell straight asleep

To Go Home or Not?


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