Wednesday, 21 September 2011

London Diaries: Day 7

Today is a new day and with plenty of shut eye and my emotions and thoughts regained I have decided to in fact stay in the big smoke! I do have 3 more shoots to do before I go home so I owe it to myself to completely and utterly SMASH IT.

Today I am shooting with Mr Mark Barnfield and Ana Popescu! I arrive at the studio about half 10am where we got to work instantly! Straight into hair and make up! Ana was so lovely and instantly made me laugh, pretty hard job if i'm honest! First look was pretty natural, then building up to the last look being more Glamorous! We wrapped about 4.30pm! 6 hours is pretty standard! Any longer and I get grumpy. Yes, grumpy!

Here's What We Came Up With

I love the outcome and really can't wait to see the rest!

After the shoot I went and met Leeann for some Ice Tea at her's then headed back to Jeni's for some more much needed shut eye

Peace & Love

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