Thursday, 22 September 2011

London Diaries: Day 8

WOW I really needed that sleep! I am up early to begin my journey to the never ventured to before ESSEX! Yes,! La is going to Essex, SHUT -- UP! Having seen his work with model Sophia Adams I set up a test with Brian Rolfe for when I was in London, and now that day has come! I was so excited but quite nervous, I guess just of the unknown, But the London born 'Geezer' was so bloody lovely! Working alongside him and the equally lovely Suki I could feel it in my bones that it was going to be a wicked day!

Fresh off of an amazing shoot with Boss model Chloe Brian was buzzing about his latest breakthrough with photography! This instead of exciting me actually made me feel nervous? I felt quite pressured to STEP UP MY GAME as the photos Brain produced that shoot were pretty spectacular. 

The studio was covered in cut outs from Vogue and Harpers Bizarre it felt like my room back at my mum's! Even spotted a few SNAPS that were exactly the same as my collection of self made wallpaper! We instantly got cracking and with loads of wardrobe options we thought we would try nail as much as possible. & that we did, Brian was absolutely amazing to work with, I like to work quick and when you've got the shot, move the hell on. Well, I've never worked so fast! 14 outfits in 2.5 hours. SHUT UP!! I couldn't believe it myself!

Black & White or Normal?
I LOVE the Teaser

Thank You so much for having me Brian I totally can't wait until the next one already, One of the most down to earth lovely people in the industry! Girls, get booking before he takes off HIGHLY RECOMMENDED 

Peace & Love From Essex


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