Friday, 23 September 2011

London Diaries: Day 9

After I made my way back to London last night I met my two Glaswegian friends Iona and Caitlin! Having not seen each other in months (Iona) and years (caitlin) It would only take the three of us in London to actually catch up! It was so lovely to see them both and we had drinks in an amazing Soho bar (above) Cute right? Well, when I say drinks I mean they drank cocktails and I had lemonade and grenadine! Yes, sensible head is still well and truly ON. I had a pretty big day today so wanted to be FRESH

I only stayed for one drink but it really was so nice to see the girls and i'm already looking forward to our trip down to Manchester to visit Iona. I walked down from soho to Oxford Street to meet Jeni, Jeni who saved my life and pretty much my whole London trip. I actually think everyone need's a Jeni in their life, sensible but fun warm but cold when need be, fun loving and encouraging! POSITIVE VIBES PEOPLE. Veggie or not Jeni you are a true GEM. Yeah so met Jeni and we walked a little further to park lane to a members only club called one four one, Jeni works in the music industry managing bands and one of her colleagues artists Jess Mills was dj'ing with a free bar it was a no brainer to go and show face, but still not caving into alcohol it was pretty short lived! 

I had a meeting first thing this morning on the other side of London after that was done I came home and re charged my batteries in time for my last shoot in London

The shoot was with photographer Robert Charbonnet and with Leeann Soki Mak behind it all I actually felt the PRESSURE! Leeann had sent us all a brief 2 days before and the editorial was for Blanche Magazine, which is an INTERNATIONAL MAGAZINE BABY! 

With this season's must have the PPQ cat hat amongst sparkling jewellery and delicate underwear and body's it was going to be a beauty shoot with an edge. Leeann had a clear vision for the shoot and took control of all aspects. Hair was to be HUGE and textured, Nails sparkling and Make Up was to be strong but beautiful not asking for a lot she also added in that she wanted the shot's to be profile shots, which means not straight on looking off camera & NOT TO POSE. Now, to non models that would be a pretty simple task just act goofy and have fun, but as soon as you put me in front of a camera with lights it's a natural reaction now to POSE POSE POSE. After hair pieces were GLUED into my head, hair was HUGE, Make up did and Nails done by AMA who was recently painting Kelis's nails we were ready to ROCK IT

4 Looks and changes we were wrapped by 11pm at night! Robert's studio was so big that I was freezing my ass off the whole time, even resorted to blowing a hair dryer in my face to keep the heat around me!

I did take some screen shot snaps but wouldn't want to ruin the surprise. Was such an unbelievable shoot, and the hardest i've had to work in a long long time! Leeann pushed me to a new place! It Was amazing

After the shoot we walked back to Leeann's for FOOD I ordered so much greasiness and enjoyed every last bite! I 1000% COMMITTED A CARBASIDE! We sat and talked for hours before passing out..

Peace Love From London Town


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