Saturday, 24 September 2011

London Diaries: Day 10

Today I woke up about 12pm, longest lie in such a bloody long time but as it was saturday I feel it was well deserved and justified! There was an arsenal game on and Leeann lives right next to the stadium so I made a sharp exit!

The plan was to go home at half 4, but I wouldn't arrive to Glasgow until 11pm and someone was less than impressed, so I stayed and extra Un planned day. I went back to Jeni's and showered we then made our way into Selfridges for a PINKBERRY, now having never been to L.A I have never experienced pinkberry but have heard the rave reviews. It's a frozen yoghurt place you chose the size of tub, the flavour of frozen yog and pick as many toppings as you want! IDEAL

After pinkberry we headed over towards Westfield. A Massive shopping centre in London, We strolled round the shops, the aim of the game was to go to build a bear and treat myself to a new Hello Kitty, limited addition PINK hello kitty. Now for all you build a bear virgin's you literary are involved in the making of you bear, you have to stuff it, put hearts in it and make a wish, me being me requested I put 6 hearts in as it's my lucky number but there was obviously going to be a consequence to this, they made me jump about like a lunatic but it was totally worth it as this was the end result

Meet Kitty

Totally worth it

So after getting over my love fest with my new found love, we wondered up to the food court and had a Byron burger! NOM NOM NOM, and the Vanilla shakes are bloody spectacular. AWESOMENESS.

After eating until I literally thought I was going to burst  we rolled upstairs to the cinema and I finally got to see One Day, when buying our tickets they charged me 20quid? We were all pretty confused, but as it was on its last weeks of viewing they only show it in the VIP theatre with massive leather reclining seats I'M IN. So we paid the ridiculous price and watched the film that was actually pretty heartbreaking I was expecting a good cry but not the hysterical tears that were soon streaming down my face.

Red Puffy Eyes
Sleep Time

Last Night in LDN


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