Sunday, 25 September 2011

London Diaries: Day 11

My train wasn't until 13.25pm so Jeni and I had brunch before I left, toast and white chocolate spread and a latte, pretty lovely way to end my London trip, Jeni walked me over to euston and even got me seated on the train, I decided to treat myself and upgrade to first class only because you get free coffee and Wi Fi! 

So the 4 hours actually went pretty fast and before I knew it I was home greeted by my Mum we talked and cuddled and watched X Factor I was just about to go to sleep and I get an intriguing request to go into town for a bottle of bubbly. This was in fact my man, So that's what I did, dressed up in a little dress with hair big and curly and just a little bit of make up on I sipped bubbly with my man until the bubbles had filled my head.

DO NOT ENTER sign is well and truly up on our door.

Glasgow, I really Did Miss You


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