Friday, 16 September 2011

The London Diary: Day 2

So I arrived, I survived the train and ran as quickly as I could away from that horrible man! 

Today, Was spent at Somerset House, I was summoned to hours of Getting my Picture taken by the weird and wonderful! From bloggers to press, For all you non fashionistas, Somerset House is where it's AT! The heart of London Fashion Week Where all the biggest shows are watched in awe. Anyone who is SOMEONE is there for shows or exhibitions. LOT'S OF CELEB SPOTTING TO BE DONE

It was quite dawnting at first but I got into the swing of it and 4 outfit changes later, I was KNACKERED! Being interviewed/Posing my socks off for ELLE, COSMO, VOUGE RUSSIA writers and photographers was THEE HIGHLIGHT OF THE DAY. Now let's all hope they get published as at LFW everyone seems to be going wild and making sure they look the craziest! I definetly stood out in The beautiful Obscure Couture dresses/shorts,skirts! 

After that we went to an amazing mexican restraunt for some majour grub munching! NOM NOM NOM Everyone was dead on there feet and had absaloutely no chat, pretty rare at a table full of girls! So after we filled our bellies to the brim we grabbed a cab and hit the pillow!

Can I just say, I am FREAKING TERRIFIED for tomorrow
Hopfully my nerves calm over night

Peace & Love From London

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