Thursday, 15 September 2011

The London Diary: Day 1

So, as some of you may or may not know, I thought that my London adventure started on Friday at 13.40pm, This was the time I in fact ASSUMED I was leaving my home turf, But in actual fact I was completely and utterly WRONG. Fail on my part. 

Thursday morning, I am a bag of nerves. I wake Un settled and restless, going over and over falling off the runway in my head! Normally I am more excited about shows as they are such a BUZZ! BUT London Fashion Week is a different ball game… I'm sure you will agree. Normal to feel what can't be described in any other way than TERRIFIED. I had the whole day planned, It was my Pre London Prep day, meaning nails hair waxing & packing! So, I started my day off with a much needed nerve settling latte, then got a manicure, met my Mum for another coffee refuel. After my mum had to go back to work I though it would be best to run to central and buy my young persons rail card so I'm all set for Friday, whilst waiting in line I hear a huge "LAUREEENNN" I ignored it at first as I was makeup-less and in a total rush to make my hair appointment. After the 2nd I turned round & It was Obscure Couture's dearest Lyndsay. After a second of disbelief, Reality sunk in and I realised that I WAS MEANT TO BE LEAVING FOR LONDON in 20 mins instead of 24hrs and 20 mins. 


So I got myself together, Got myself home & Started the mammoth task of packing for 10 days in London.

& After I had a few serious words with myself, I got a grip & I made the 16.40pm train! Where I'm currently sitting in coach E feeling like a farm animal crushed into truck travelling to wales. I swear to god i've never been on a train so busy! I thought I had totally blagged 2 seats to myself until a kind man grunted to me and pointed to where my bag was sitting quite comfy, I could only assume he meant please can you move your bag miss, I am still waiting on a polite word from the DICK. & He's watching this weird movie that I can only hope he has made himself it's so bad, continuously feeling it appropriate to PISS HIMSELF laughing every 2 mins.


But apart from the unpleasant SMELL that is perched quite greedily over both of our seats. I am fine & well and on route to LONDON FASHION WEEK BABY. Even 5 hours next to HIM will not get me down. Thankfully virgin train has invested in the option of Wi - Fi! So I can write this & equally as important, downloaded Sex in the City from Itunes to calm me down.

Just wanna say a HUMONGOUS Thank You to everyone wishing me well in LFW I promise I will try my hardest to do you all proud.

Write Again Soon
Peace & Love

p.s Totally just realised DICK is no doubt reading every word i've just written. 
Double SHIT

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