Thursday, 15 September 2011

Painting Faces

Yes, there is a theme going on at Wannabe She the past two days, HAVE YOU NOTICED? I have been busy interviewing a few of my favourite people in the industry, all of which I have worked with or am going to! I will be doing the same in LONDON, Full on grilling's for all 4 of the photographers i'm working with! Gives you an even bigger insight into my life and who i'm hangin' with or working for! Makes it a little bit more interesting for EVERYONE and the bonus I don't have to ramble on about myself constantly!

I give to you Ms Jak Morgan

Jak can you tell everyone WHAT YOU DO?

I paint faces.

 How did you first have the notion to PAINT FACES?

Makeup has always been a huge love of mine but it didn't occur to me to make it a career until around 5 years ago. I signed up for a makeup course while already at uni (glutton for punishment!) and knew straight away there's nothing else I'd rather do. So after I finished my degree went to London to do a course at London College of Fashion and haven't stopped since!

 Can you share some of the milestones with us?

My first shoot for the Herald was a massive deal for me, especially as they let me loose straight away to paint one of their writers as Gene Simmons from KISS!! Awesome fun. The photography in the magazine is beautiful and it's such a great team so every job with them is always amazing. Getting signed to Model Team was another great moment as they are such a well respected agency and have got me some incredible jobs. Working with Paolo Nutini was good fun and also Clare Maguire at this year's TITP festival. Shooting for Hello Magazine was fab. And of course being Beauty Editor for POSED magazine has been really fantastic, especially as we never imagined at the start it would have grown as much as it has, even in the short time it's been going! It's a great thing to be a part of and exciting to see how it will develop in the future.

What's been your favourite shoot so far?
There have been so many amazing and diverse jobs I've been lucky enough to be a part of! But possibly my favourite is a shoot I did with the Scottish National Ballet for the upcoming issue of POSED. Ballet is a massive love of mine and getting to work with these beautiful girls (and boys) and watch them dance all day was maybe the best day at work of all time!

Do you still LOVE it?

More now than ever. I genuinely can't wait to get to work every day so I know how lucky I am.

What's your favourite brand?

Tricky, tricky, tricky question! I love different brands for different things and can't honestly say I have an absolute favourite. For foundations and concealors my favourites are Chanel or Laura Mercier, for great enhancing products it would be Clarins and I really love Illamasqua, Bobbi Brown and NARS. But, maybe unsurprisingly, the majority of products in my kit are MAC. They just make such great quality products you know you can rely on to last whether for a photoshoot or a fashion show or even a night out! And pretty much any shade of lipstick or blush or pigment you can think of, they will have created. Add in all the different mixing mediums, the possibilities are endless. The MAC Pro stores are genuinely one of my favourite places in the whole world and I could easily lose days in there!

Favourite product?
This is even trickier!! If I could only have one product from my kit it would probably be my Make Up Forever 12 Flash Color Case. It's a mix of greasepaints that can be used all over to create a whole look from something subtle to OTT dramatic! Other than that it would actually be my brushes... I'm a bit addicted to buying makeup brushes and have a huge collection. One time I thought I'd lost them at a job and had a FULL-ON panic attack!!!

What's the plans for the future?  

WORLD DOMINATION!!! Haha. I love fashion and beauty and hope to always  work within this industry but music is a strong passion of mine as well so I definitely want to keep working with artists and get more involved in music videos and the touring side of things.

Jak is not only a talented a make up artist SHE IS SO MUCH MORE and with a heart of gold she is a total keeper in my life. She's completely mastered my face, what looks good and bad, this is ideal as I'll HAVE to use her a lot more on my shoots DAMM! It's a hard life! 


Big Love For Ms Morgan, a TRUE Scottish Talent
I've said it Once & I'll Say it Again
Jak Morgan You Rock My World/Face

Just a Smidgen of The Wonderful Jak's Handy Work. For more, Like Her Facebook page or visit her website!



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