Friday, 7 October 2011


Today, I feel RESTLESS. My mind is going over time and all I really want to do is focus some energy into a shoot! So seen as I didn't make it up to model team yesterday, I finally signed my contract! BOOM TIME. Yes, I am officially represented by Model Team & will be up on new faces by next week! 

Straight after I managed to organise a little test, Liam Dickson that shoots all of the Obscure Couture stuff was back from Cuba and had a free spot, I got my hair done by the wonderful Jak's lovely boyfriend Gordon @ Rainbow Rooms & Nina from MAC did my face! Nina sneaked me in to the shop floor and did me in between her bookings! Whilst sitting down a few of the mac girls I know came up and told me how freaked out they have been, a new campaign has been put up and it reminds them all of me, at first I didn't see it but sitting in front of the mirror I kept catching glances of it in the mirror and I can see where they are coming from! What do you think?

Not a Very good Picture But Here's My HUGE Hair Thanks to Gordon@Rainbow Rooms

I got to Liam's and we did a few quick simples shots! & Of course I didn't shut up for the whole 2 hours!

Tonight I am CHILLIN' It's way to cold outside to be even considering going out

FLUFFINESS with some Comfy's and a Chick Flick Ahead of Me Tonight
Oh How Times have Changed

Peace Love & Fur Blankets

Home & In My Victoria's Secrets COMFY'S


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