Thursday, 20 October 2011

La is Back

EH HALLOW RIRI, How god dam sexy do you look with your hunk of a man? Jesus Christ. IMMENSE-NESS I love & a little voice over by The QUEEN herself Ms Agyness Deyn to kick it off, What more could you ask for?

The past few weeks have been less crazy than usual & I even managed a night off in good old Manchester! To be honest I think I've had writers block, for a bit, In the sense I was thinking before I spoke/typed? WHAT THE HELL? I know this is a trait I have never been able to master before so WHY now? No idea, I think all thats left to say is I'M JUST GONI DO ME. 

 Above are some new photos from LFW

Another photo from the wonderful Brain Rolfe!

A New Headshot From Mr Mark Barnfield

Tomorrow I have my first shoot in ages, and then on Saturday a show & still fresh from the rockin' the runway at LFW I'm hoping to do the same for Alan Moore - TEN30. 

I guess thats all I have to say today. I'm mad busy with work but essentially feeling like LA once again

Haters Gonna Hate
Peace Love & INNOVATION 



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