Friday, 21 October 2011

Don't Rain on La's Parade

So all fired up and ready to get my pout on, The rained poured and the shoot was called off. This is another reason I have to move. Glasgow sort your life out. 

So today, I have actually had a DAY OFF yes ladies and gentlemen, I feel freaking AMAZING for it. I swear all work and no play/sleep ain't good for you. Not one bit. So rest up and recharge those much needed batteries!

Tonight, the plan is to, 1 Tidy my room as it's gotten completely OUT OF CONTROL. Much like my life, But tonight, that's all about to change. I plan on downloading some feel good music, dancing about like a lunatic until it's spotless. 2 FINALLY watch SPREAD, a film I have only seen the start of! Full update on what I think to be continued. 3 PAMPER PAMPER PAMPER for tomorrow's SHOW. I'm SO excited to be back on the runway! I gave up on the idea of runway quite a while ago, but with London fashion week under my belt or heels if you like I feel MUCH more confident on ROCKIN' THE SHIT OUT OF IT

Before the show I'm going to OBSCURE COUTURE HQ for a catch up, I haven't seen my favourites in too long so its time for a natter and caffeine. 

I'm going to take my trusty macbook to the show as it's a pretty long day of waiting about, so expect LIVE coverage wannabe's

ALSO, I am now LIVE on Model Team, (click to view) Yes, after finally signing my contract ,my new agency (between moving the head office) have managed to stick me up on site - CHECK ME OUT - Spread the WORD Y'all 

Below is a little snippet of the fashion film I did for the event I T C O W show thats taking place this coming wednesday! If your not already attending, GET DOWN It's one not to be missed

Below are two new pictures from my shoot with Mark Barnfield in London, the first two in a while i'm totally TORN on whether I love them or hate them? WHAT DO YOU THINK - FEEDBACK PEOPLE

Right, Peace & Love
& Here's to a LONG ASS NIGHT
Due to the face I have just consumed a fairly HUGE amount of Rockstar

Boom Time



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  1. I like the lighting in the top one - pose and clothes - not crazy about them.

    The bottom one has a classic sense of purity about it, very suave indeed.