Saturday, 26 March 2011

Love a Little

This is a shoot I did with a Photographer Andrew R.Moore last month, I was meant to shoot with him about November time but ended up getting called down to London so I had to cancel, So was really happy when we finally got to work together

My Friend Alana trained MUA (Make Up Artist, sorry if I use abbreviation such as this and just ASSUME everyone knows what what I'm talking about) Came through with me, I said why don't you just do the make up, Pretty logical? was then replied with an abrupt NO. No, it doesn't make any sense to me either. I wanted a very stripped back look using Black as the block colour through the wardrobe. So I did my own Hair and Make Up... I would say that I'm actually all right at it now? No one knows your face like you do, so between 'trial and error' and 'practice makes perfect' I think you work out works best yourself!

Andrew has a very distinct type of photography, I love the black and white shots he is renowned for!

Today is Saturday, I have mentioned a little bit in my previous posts that I work for (I need an appointment, I model, (Paper Bags and Balaclavas) I work In Cruise on a Saturday and I volunteer with kids with special needs on a Thursday night (I will explain a little more in the future) but yes, today is Saturday, which means CRUISE, after vowing retail wasn't for me, Johnny the boss man at Cruise (after a good few champers at New Year) said he would give me a job, pulling me in with words like 'discount' such a sucker! So a few days after New Year. Boom. Saturday I am a sales assistant or as Cruise would say it, Personal Shopper. In fact, I got an interesting message off of Sarah my Friend who also works in Cruise (who is coincidentally 'sheggin' the boss, Not Johnny, G man, I refer to the two as Rachel & Rodger. I've mentioned Sarah before, the one to most certainly watch) to say I HAD to spend £225 before the end of the day. Love a uniform spending spree. If anyone doesn't know what Cruise is, its very much the highest end of 'High Street' that stocks labels like Prada D&G Chloe Christian Louboutins Balenciaga, I could go on but its hard enough working surrounded by it never mind writing about it! £225 allowance sounds like ALOT, no no not in Cruise, I ended up getting a casual Acne over sized Tee/dress and a black zip dress by Christopher Kane!

Tonight is my gurl Steffani Dean's 21st  birthday, so the plan is cocktails and cupcakes at her house then into town for Dancing, I can imagine its going to be a fabulous night. One of my oldest (known for longest) friends Robyn Wallace is up from London, really cant wait to see my 'Wife'. Lots of campaign cocktails & good Friends. Prediction? Shin Dig of the Month, so Steff ya babe, Happy Birthday Bitch, let the good times roll.

To Be Continued...

Peace, Love & Cupcakes

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